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Dabo is a Social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering different type of dares, think of truth or dare game



Social media has no doubt aided effective communications between family, friends and professionals. Although social media platforms play a significant role in our day to day activities, it is also noteworthy that they could be boring sometimes.

All social media platform gives a lot of opportunity to connect with your loved ones, but it ends up with boredom, people want to have something that can take the boredom away. Instead of sitting there and only scroll down on a social media platform, you can now dare you friends in a funny way that will not only help people to connect quickly and also be closer to their friends and they loved ones more than ever.


Dabo is the first social media platform where like on a post is not involve, that will give people the positive social impact. Users will dare each other in funny ways, they want to express themselves in.

It will be for creating, sharing and discovering different type of dares, think of truth or dare game, what was most excited playing that game with your friends? Of course, it was when one of your friends takes a dare. This is a dare for the digital age.

The Dabo app will be used by both younger and older audience, most young people as an outlet to express themselves through different type of dare like, karaoke, dancing, funny impressions and more. Dabo will allow users to create and send a dare to their friends, after one of those friends accept the dare, they are given a task to complete that dare under 24 hrs.


OUR MISSION IS TO Increased self-confidence by empowering friends and family to express their ideas take a dare. The app will allow speedy communication build relationship.



Whenever your board, you don’t have anything to do and you don’t know what to upload on the App, don’t worry! Dabo will upload 3 funny weekly challenges that you can try.


You can create your own dares that you and your friends can have fun with. Imagine playing truth or dare as a kid or a teenager, those funny dares you wanted your friends to do, now Dabo gives you the opportunity to dare your friends and family again. I dare you!


On the Dabo you will be able to follow/unfollow friends, just like in other social media. Your main feed, ‘’dare’’ will be filled with challenges from your friends and different people around the world. On the second main feed ‘’media’’ you will receive different type pictures from your following and those content you have showed most interest in.


What we need

Right now, we are turning to you for helping to raise the funds that we need to improve and enhance Dapo app, implementation, and market to a global audience.

Our goal through this campaign is to raise $250,000. What we are asking from you today is an open heart, open donation, and helping hands. All of the funds will be used to provide:

  • Enhancement of the Application
  • Introducing more feature such as video conferencing & Voice calls
  • Digital Marketing Advertisement
  • Sustainability
  • Increase manpower

Even the smallest of contributions will make a big difference for us – for every pledge, above $5 we will send a Personal Thank you email to you as a token of appreciation along with other rewards given for the donation.

What you get.

Below I’ve detailed what you’ll receive based upon your donation to this campaign

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 Early Package – The Access

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Golden Early Package – Super Backer

Platinum early Package – Super Backer

Diamond Early Package


It gives people a way to stay in touch with people who live far away. It lets people share fun, interesting and informative content, giving businesses a way to engage with customers.

Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to supporting this project with your donation, you can also show your support by sharing a link to this campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people that are aware the more it will make this campaign a success.

We appreciate all your support, both monetary and non-monetary, and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we are doing