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Dancing Warriors is a Family Game for 2-6 players based on action programming mechanics.



Dancing Warriors is a family game for 2-6 players based on action programming mechanics. Players manage the actions to control the Warriors which can Move, Attack, Defense and using their Special Skill. You need to Anticipate, Deceive, co-operate and Betray your opponent to achieve the final Victory.

 WHY Dancing Warriors

As a light board game, Dancing Warriors is a game that is easy to learn and ready to play. It is very suitable for family parties, waiting time or time between two heavyweight strategy games.

We minimized the box size of Dancing Warriors and included all the exquisite accessories to the extent possible. This makes Dancing Warriors a portable game, you can take it everywhere.

The design of Dancing Warriors makes it suitable for 2 to 6 players, which means: each different number of players have a customized script, including melee, team battle and boss hunting.

Double Side Board

Game boards using a double-sided design to reduce the volume as much as possible to accommodate more game content and increase portability.

What to do in Dancing Warriors

Dancing Warriors is not a complicated game which takes a long time to learn. Almost all gaming time is about how to use your actions reasonably and, how to deceive your opponents.

3D Print Model

Based on the consideration of box size and price, we do not provide a direct physical model in our pledge package. However, we do agree that playing in the role model directly will have the best gaming experience. Therefore, we provide 3D printed models for players who have 3D printers.

Contents of Dancing Warriors (Basic)

Contents of Dancing Warriors (5 Steps Arena)

Online Rule Book

Pledge Package

We offer different packages for the backers to choose what they want.

Stretch Goal

If the committed amount reaches the following value, we will add some parts or items to the Dancing Warriors. We are very grateful to everyone who supports us. This is our greatest motivation.

Worldwide Shipping

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