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Oct 23, 2020
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Dec 07, 2020

DATA Forestry.com is a data intelligence platform aimed at driving business information ,documents , and statistics into sales.


I am a business director for scientific company and, during the day I  use many programs to complete certain tasks, we are small business but lots of work! I searched for a solution that can be used however, everything I have found was expensive and not quite right! Finding a right solution for my budget was key .. So, I thought why can’t we have a solution for small and Medium size business so, they can handle all their work in house for the fraction of the price and they can actually grow their business smart way making smart decisions based on their data..  my solution will help many who is in the same situation…I have build the website for any as an software company however, my future ideal vision for the company is what have described below in details. 

So, I have came up with the idea whereas Small/ and Medium size business can take advantage of the current technology innovations. 

Here is a snapshot of who I like to become: 

Dataforestry {www.dataforestry.com} is a data intelligence platform aimed at driving business information documents and statistics into sales. The emergence and importance of Big Data gives companies the ability to work faster, stay agile and innovate — giving brands of all sizes a competitive edge.

Unlike other data software, Dataforestry’s unique proposition is in delivering data to a mobile device or other devices your choice, by taking a snapshot of a document and converting this into efficient business intelligence into automated ai based platform by  creating an efficient, secure and seamless model of growth. The platform can be used on a businesses own dedicated server or through the Cloud. The platform will be Ai driven, and data will be sorted, and push back to you based on your requirements, and you will make start creating most suitable decisions based on these prediction steps, with smart alerts. 

Our Mission is to improve ROI of all sized companies and drive innovation through effective data insights. 


❖Companies have issues when managing Big Data as they are unsure about the complexities of buying hardware for instance, or storing it in the cloud.

❖Due to the increase in data thefts at banks for example, data security and privacy policies need to be the number one priority for all brands.

❖High price associated with Data analytics and is difficult for start-ups to pay for Big Data unlike large corporations.


Big Data is currently seen as a service that serves mostly to large corporations, whereas Dataforestry sees a market opportunity to assist all brands, by equipping them with the tools and resources needed tobecome a more effective brand and take their business to the next level.

SHORT TERM: 1-2 years

To acquire the required investment to develop the platform, and promote the service.

To assist over 600 businesses year 1.

To empower companies in their entrepreneurial journey and give them to the tools to grow as innovators and their businesses as SME’s.

LONG TERM: 3-4 years

To help the wider community with a cost effective service that will impact and influence future generations.

To continuously improve the services and sales support offered.

To create a service that will impact economic growth.

Dataforestry  will provide potential customers with an “Omni channel” approach, all through a single platform which brings better customer insights, increased brand exposure and increased revenue. This is through:

❖Content consolidation

❖Latest technology tools

❖Effective Marketing practices

The platform’s multiple tier functionality is adjustable to the customer’s needs and therefore pricing.

The platform will have an automated self checkout system for the key SaaS product Data Analytics program. Clients will also have access to developers if any questions arise, and the platform will serve as a community for any common questions.

If the software is not suitable for the businesses needs, a tailored product will be available taking into account all key requirements. 

Dataforestry will encourage working with SMEs (Small to Medium sized

Businesses) and work within their budget and requirements to produce

quantitative and effective insights.

This will add value to the brands proposition and bottom line, as it gives them intelligence on knowing who their customers are, trends and buying patterns. Having access to analytics allows brands to implement more focused and measurable marketing campaigns to the target demographic, giving them a competitive advantage.


❖To nurture and encourage innovation in the community.

❖To create a trusted brand that listens to the needs of clients.

❖To make an active contribution the local community with subsidized services that will encourage business growth and create long-term growth.

❖Create fresh and engaging content that will result in effective SEO and ‘sharing’ marketing campaigns.

❖Delivering consistently high levels of customer service at all touch points.

Build and foster ongoing relationships with clients.

❖To keep ahead of industry trends for our platform updates, and deliver them to current customers.