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Unique Dating app for every preferance!


There are a lot dating apps out there. There are some of very successful and has compelled many entrepreneurs and software houses to make a dating app that would be similar ant yet unique. But our app wont be similar with any out there and will be totally unique.

The reason behind such a great interest is: 

Firstly the size of the target audience: Almost 200 million users spend over 2 hours on the dating apps on a daily basis. 

Secondly we are a group of friends who have tried almost all dating apps to find what we are looking for and what we like to do.
Unfortunately, everything has spread from here and there and none of them gives us what we really want 100%. So what we did was create an idea to put together everything you use and all the preferences in one app.

Indeed, dating apps are socially acceptable and in demand these days. The market reacts by being flooded with variety of dating apps. So how can our app stands out among the ones already there and be the most successful dating app ?

Read on to find out.

#1 GPS LOCATION : We use Gps as the basis for matching. We generate a list of users in the vicinity and set distance limits on search, the we provide users with general facts about other users before making a decision to start communication.

#2 USER EXPERIENCE : Our app offers a topnotch experience allowing users to understand everything by just glancing at the screen. Along with a visually attractive design, our app allows you to complete your tasks faster and more clearly. Every action is completed in the minimum possible number of steps.

#3 ADVANCE SEARCH : We use the smarter & faster way to search exactly what you are looking for, from weight and height till the fetishes.

#4 ALL IN ONE : We have created a complete list of preferences so that everyone can register with any preference you have, without having to use different apps to find what you are looking for.

#5 IN-BUILD CAMERA : We have added the option of the camera so that the person concerned can immediately see the other for even a few seconds and confirm that the person he is talking to corresponds to what he presents either with the photos or with his words, without having to use another app for confirmation and wasting time.

#6 IN-BUILD MICROPHONE : You can send short voice messages without having to sign up and save time.

#7 VISITORS : You can see who visited your profile in the last 7 days

#8 FAVORITES : You can save all your favorite profiles you have talked, to keep in touch for a future communication.

#9 WHO LIKED ME : Apart from the visitors of your profile you can see which people liked you and if you wish to contact them.

#10 MUTUAL : Now you can find people with the same interests as you with one click.

#11 ONLY FOR NOW : The “Now” button has been added, so you can select it and get in touch with people who are interested in a more immediate meeting near you, not later or tomorrow.

#12 PRIVATE CONTENT : You can upload your photos and put them in the private folder so that you can open them to any member you want.

#13 TAKE A SHOOT : Now you can instantly take a photo and send it to another member without wasting time.

#14 VERIFICATION : The biggest problem with dating apps is fake profiles.
We created a program so that we can understand if the photo is fake or real before we give the approval to appear in the member’s profile.

#15 BLOCK : You can block any member you want from being able to contact you.

#16 GOLD MEMBERSHIP PLAN : Our gold members will be given additional opportunities, such as:
1. No ads
2. Plenty photo upload
3. Hide your profile visits
4. invisible online status
5. unlimited contacts
6. unlimited private-share folder

7. Take part in our competitions (including vacations, tickets, gadgets and more)

#17 GOLD MEMBERSHIP PLAN : We will ask various questions to our members with new options and those that will pass the highest score will be added to our app, in order to make your communication easier.