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Start date
Nov 17, 2020
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Dec 01, 2020

Japanese Queen of the Underworld.


Death Goddess Izanami  is a sculpture based on Izanami-no-Mikoto, the creation goddess and deity of the underworld as chronicled in Shinto mythology. 

The bold designs of Axis Mundi Games and the neoclassical virtuosity of CA Sculpts have merged to bring forth a boutique product designed for the most demanding collectors.

Death Goddess Izanami is a model that focuses on emotions as no model in the industry has done before. The sad majesty and woeful glory of a tormented goddess, the divine terror and eternal anguish of the departed, mere phantasms of their former conscience… all brought to life by a sculpture devised to match the style and the strength of neoclassical statues as never dared before.

As a surprise for the campaign launch, Progenitor God Izanagi has arrived! Izanami’s husband and brother has manifested in all his mighty, progenitor of the new generation of gods and ordainer of the universe.

The aim of this kickstarter is to produce a limited collector’s run called the Fukashi Sekai Run 不可視世界. All models forming part of the Fukashi Sekai Run will be numbered and signed.

The models are designed to be incredibly detailed and we are pushing our efforts to bring every detail to the highest point of clarity that is humanly possible!

Death Goddess Izanami has been 3D printed by one of the best artisans in the EU in high quality resin to ensure it can be cast smoothly and in great detail.

Death Goddess Izanami is part of the Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices project, the upcoming board game developed by Axis Mundi Games. Death Goddess Izanami campaign inaugurates the Sankokushin resin line, named Fukashi Sekai 不可視世界 (Invisible World), that we intend to develop for years to come with more and more models.

Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is a solo-cooperative campaign game set in a fictional version of medieval Japan planned for Kickstarter in 2021.

  •  Can the Death Goddess – Izanami model be used in the actual game?
                      Yes. Specifically, Izanami can used as an alternate sculpt for another model that will appear in a game’s expansion.