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Live a quality life with the highest quality Japanese towels


Haradaya Swallowtail Towel
         I want to change your daily life

We would like to deliver to the world “clean and finest towels manufactured in Senshu, one of Japan’s three major towel producing areas”.
         It is our hope that the smiles of the world will increase as much as possible, and that one day people all over the world will use this towel to eliminate the war.

         Towels that are indispensable for everyday life.
         If you can experience the feeling of comfort the moment you hit your face, you will naturally smile.
         I believe that the healing that occurs at that time will help make the world peaceful.
         In modern society, stress is inevitable.
         If you have the perfect towel to relieve that stress, there is no option not to use it.

What is Senshu Towel?

The Quanzhou towel brand has a history of about 130 years and is the first famous towel brand in Japan to make towels.
         The characteristics of Senshu towels are that they have the best feel and the highest absorption rate due to their unique manufacturing method, and there is no doubt that they are the finest towels.

         Towels have a long history and were loved by samurai, daimyo and shoguns in the 16th century.
         Even now, more than 100 years later, Japanese towels have continued to evolve while responding to the changing times, while preserving traditional techniques.

Now, exciting peace and tranquility to create the perfect balance of shape and function, without compromise. Get ready to upgrade your bathroom to a spa-like oasis.

That’s where the swallowtail towel comes in, and here are some towels that make you feel happy.
         We use three large cottons (Super Pima), which is said to be 8% in the world, and adopt a special manufacturing technology developed in Japan. We are constantly pursuing the best ways to make the highest quality products.

          Carefully made in Japan, towels are luxuriously soft, super absorbent, quick-drying, fluffy and light, so they feel like clouds.
         You will love it too!

From ancient craftsmen, we still carry on this tradition with a focus on great craftsmanship and simplicity.

         Like all swallowtail products, our new towels are packed with features and are meticulously designed. They are designed from the ground up to be both the best bath towels and the best everyday towels on the planet.

         Haradaya’s swallowtail towels can keep 100% natural cotton fibers loose and fluffy. Comfortable elegance is immediately apparent to anyone who has experienced towels.

         Many towels are made of cotton, but the look and feel of towels varies greatly depending on the type of cotton used. Designed and priced for everyday use, towels are made in a substandard way.

         Swallowtail fabric is very soft and fluffy, designed for upscale spas and hotels and has a luxurious look and feel.

Each Haradaya cotton fiber retains its natural texture and luxurious softness, allowing the fabric to remain “open” to the air.

         The openness greatly improves hygroscopicity, allowing air to penetrate the fabric, eliminating moisture and allowing the towel to dry quickly with each use.
         The towels are very voluminous and full of high quality cotton, but remain incredibly light for their size.
         Haradaya’s swallowtail towel realizes unprecedented softness. It really takes experience to believe.

         All swallowtail towels are made with a painstaking dedication to achieve industry-leading perfection.

You need to raise $ 10,000 with the help of the Kickstarter community to fund the first production of swallowtail towels. The funds will be used to purchase materials and carry out the first swallowtail towel production, including skilled workers, and the project is budgeted to succeed at a higher level.

         We are a Japanese towel maker that has been around for 100 years.
         We love making high quality products and want to bring minimalism and craftsmanship to every design.

         Join us on our journey to bring great Japanese brand products of solid technology to the world.

Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. No bleach or soft finish is used. Hang low or tumble dry. A strong thread means that it will not easily wear or fall apart.
         To dry, hang it in a dry place. Their absorbency makes Japanese towels dry especially quickly. You can also tumble dry them in a gentle cycle or a low cycle.
          The great thing is that the more you use it, the softer, fluffier and gentler it becomes.

Of this time ”Swallowtail towel” face towel

Of this time ”Swallowtail towel” bath towel