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Aug 01, 2022
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Oct 01, 2022

Founder’s Membership in Disc Golf Complex


Hello, my name is Bryan and I have a dream of building a show-stopping disc golf course that will raise the bar on anything that’s been done before.

That’s right I said Disc Golf!  Taking the world by storm for the last couple decades, it has caught fire in a whole new way in the last two or three years.  It’s become a true community sport with folks from 7 to 70 playing together and having a blast.  The professional aspect of the game is also exploding.  There are now numerous professional players signed to multi-million-dollar contracts.  The average age of players, including professionals, has dropped with enormous growth in the youth divisions and also ladies’ divisions.  There are more and more people playing, and more and more of them getting really good!

What does this mean?  Why do I care?  How can you help me? 

Well, it’s quite simple really – for the sport I love to continue to build on its current momentum, these players – novice and professional – need bigger and better places to play.  The vast majority of disc golf courses are built in and around city parks or along the edges of ball golf courses.  When you walk onto most disc courses there are aspects of the course that grab your ‘attention’, in one way or another – mud or dirty carpet tee boxes, wobbly baskets, portable toilets (if any).  I could go on, but the point is that the standard for disc golf courses is currently very low, mostly because it’s expensive to do anything more than barely get em in the ground.  Most were built by a person or two with little outside help and with little to no financial support.  So simply getting a course in the ground was such an accomplishment everyone was happy. 

The bar is being raised and I want to help raise it.  I want to build a disc golf complex that has multiple courses for all levels of play, that are well groomed and maintained, and have all the amenities on site.  I’ve talked to many people and asked lots of questions, and of all the feedback I’ve received there are two things folks want most in disc golf.  First, they want to play disc golf on disc golf only courses, i.e.. nobody picnicking in the fairway or animal poop on the tees and greens.  Second, they don’t want to be stuck playing behind a casual super group of 12 people.  Following those two were regular mowing, bathrooms, uniform tees, uniform pro baskets, pro shop, and food/drink on site.  I was excited to see this list of feedback knowing that this is exactly what I intend to do. 

Why me?  Well, I’m nobody special, but I have designed and built a municipal course in a small South Carolina town that has been ranked as the #1 course in the state for the last two years (also in the top 100 courses in the world).  200 to 250 people regularly play this course each day.  This was all done on a shoestring budget and 37 acres with borrowed town equipment.  I guess that and the fact that I’m ready and willing.    

I’ve been given access to a fantastic wooded property of 80+ acres in the country-side but convenient to highways and towns.  The challenge is it takes a ton of money to make all this happen – more than I have – and that is why I’m asking for your help.

I don’t wanna get something for nothing, so I am offering a Founder’s Membership in this new course.   Each Founding Member will have their name on a nice brick paver.  The pavers will be placed around a large multi-course #1 tee.   So, every person who comes to play the course will know you helped make it all happen.  In addition to the paver, the Founding Membership, which is $250, gives you free play on the courses through the end of 2023.  I have many friends in South Carolina and around the country who will be joining in the effort as Founding Members – but not quite enough to pull this off.  Would you consider joining with me as a Founding Member of the new Destination Disc Golf complex?

One other thing – for the last several years some friends and I have run a successful 2nd tier professional tournament on Mother’s Day weekend at the muni course that is well attended by top players.  With a 2nd ‘show-stopper’ course, we have an excellent chance of growing our tournament to the highest level and drawing the best pros from around the world.  This will allow us to draw large spectator crowds and make the tournament a successful charity fund-raising event.   We plan to benefit several organizations in our area including an org that provides long-term housing for adults on the autism spectrum who need help as their parents age.

 I appreciate so much your time in even stopping to take a look, much less pitching in to help.  Much love and gratitude.