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The Hugo Award-winning graphic novel by Ursula Vernon reprinted and preserved for modern audiences!


Ursula Vernon is the author of Digger (though you may know her as T. Kingfisher as well!) Ursula has won a myraid of awards for her writing, including the Ursa Major Award, Nebula Award, and the WSFA Small Press Award. Digger won her a Hugo Award, the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award, and she was honored with the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature as well.

Underthing Press and Grim Oak Press have been working with Ursula to ensure this release of Digger meets her standards, and we’re happy to say she has been an integral part of the development process for our offerings.

Digger is one of the biggest reasons Underthing Press exists. Once Patrick Rothfuss discovered that one of his favorite graphic novels was out of print, he endeavored to find a way to bring it back to life. Thus, Underthing Press was born.

Digger is a notable work for a number of reasons. The reader is taken on a journey they could never see coming, and it’s expertly told in the webcomic format that was taking off in the early 2010’s. Digger is not just a great read; it’s a time capsule of where the artform was at.

Yup. Underthing Press is his book imprint with Grim Oak Press.

Underthing Press is the brainchild of #1 New York Times bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss and Grim Oak Press’ Shawn Speakman. While they will be producing original Temerant content as well as special editions of beloved SF&F titles, Pat and Shawn have dedicated their resources and passion for literature to revive out-of-print books so readers can continue to enjoy these important works.

Pat Rothfuss has always daydreamed about starting his own publishing imprint** and bringing Digger back into print finally gave him the excuse he needed. Underthing Press has a mission of three parts:
–> 1. To bring books back into the world that have fallen out of print.
–> 2. To shine a light on underappreciated or forgotten books.
–> 3. To give Pat a place to publish some of the stories he wants to tell.

They also want to create beautiful books, make the world a better place, help people build beautiful libraries.

They’re aiming for the moon… but they’re starting under the ground with Digger.

**An Imprint is like a tiny publishing house that’s a part of an established publishing house. It publishes its own selection of books, but benefits from the experience and expertise of the bigger publisher. Underthing Press is an imprint of Grim Oak Press, riding the coat-tails of the delightful and talented Shawn Speakman.


Digger is in good company with fellow Hugo-award winning works like Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga, G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel, and Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

Underthing Press believes that Digger should exist as an omnibus so the story remains fully intact, and available in physical and digital formats so future readers have no trouble finding it in their marketplace of choice. With professional-grade printing and binding, Digger will last for generations to come. Bringing the book to digital formats will provide a fantastic reading experience unmired by the clunkiness of old websites.

Kickstarter’s platform allows Underthing and Grim Oak to pursue an ambitious project like Digger while having a clear method of communication with minimized risks. By using Kickstarter, they can get a sure footing underneath themselves for future projects (like The Boy Who Loved The Moon) and provide the best possible customer service for backers.

  •  The E-Book is as described — a digital version of Digger without the bonus content.
  •  The Softcover Edition is a 6.65″ x 8.5″ trade paperback. It is unsigned.
  •  The Hardcover Edition is a 6.65″ x 8.5″ hardcover over paper boards. It is unsigned.
  •  The Limited Edition is numbered, leather-bound, and double-signed by Ursula Vernon and Patrick Rothfuss.
  •  The Collector’s Edition is numbered, leather-bound with ribbon in a clamshell, features six full-color plates, and will be double-signed by Ursula Vernon and Patrick Rothfuss.

Underthing Press will number the Limited and Collector’s Editions and your number will be catalogued. When future Underthing Press projects are announced, you will have the right of first refusal to match your numbered Digger with the matching number on the new project (example: If you own Limited Edition of Digger #55, it guarantees you the matching Limited Edition #55 for The Boy Who Loved the Moon).

In this way, you can collect every title produced by Underthing Press and have a matching set on your shelves.


Yes, you will have the ability to add additional books to the pledge tier you select (ie. if you pledge to Tier 7 with its Limited and Collector’s Editions, you can add a Softcover to your order… or four Softcovers if you so choose).

  • $45 Softcover
  • $50 Slipcase (for the Limited Edition only)
  • $75 Hardcover
  • $150 Limited Edition
  • $500 Collector’s Edition


Shipping costs are not a part of the Pledge Tier prices. You will need to select your country when you select your pledge tier and shipping will be calculated into your pledge for you. Please see the chart below for shipping prices to your country

*Underthing Press and Grim Oak Press are actively working on reducing shipping costs throughout the campaign. We are partnering with Broken Binding to reduce shipping prices to the UK/EU, and are exploring options 

Special Thanks

  • Becky Lawson
  • Rachelle Longé McGhee
  • Julia Maddalina
  • Jeff Eddy
  • and, of course, Ursula Vernon!