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We are going to build a platform to educate young and old about financial literacy


What is this Kickstarter Campaign About?

We are going to build a digital education platform for finance and economy.


We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known.

The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in human history.

The baby boom generation have a wealth of around $30 Trillion in the USA alone.

Wealth is never destroyed it is merely transferred.

And that means that on the opposite side of every crisis there is an opportunity.

The great news is that all you have to do to turn this crisis into your great opportunity

Is to educate yourself.

I believe that the best investment that you can make in your lifetime is your own education.

Education on the history of money, education on finance, education on how the global economy works.

If you learn how the financial world works you can put yourself on the correct side of this wealth transfer.

The stock markets

The crash of the stock market in march 2020 has attracted a lot of speculators in the market

This has played out over many cycles before.

During the Roaring Twenties, the U.S. economy and the stock market experienced an asset bubble and stocks hit record highs.

The market officially peaked on September 3, 1929.

By this time, many ordinary working-class citizens had become interested in stock investments, and some purchased stocks on margin,  meaning they paid only a small percentage of the value and borrowed the  rest from a bank or broker.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates.

In August 1929 just weeks before the stock market crashed the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate from 5 percent to 6 percent.

Increase in interest rates makes holding cash more attractive, and it raises the interest rate used to discount the future cash flows of assets, weakening riskier asset prices and slowing lending. It also makes items bought on credit more expensive slowing demand.

The more borrowing that exists and the higher the prices the less rise in interest rates from the Federal Reserve it takes to prick an asset bubble.

Why support us?

  • Have you ever wondered why financial crisis happen?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn about the economy, without going to university?
  • Have you ever been frustrated by your money running out before the end of the month?
  • Do you want to help spread financial literacy?
  • Do you want to increase your financial IQ?
  • Do you want to know how money works?
  • Do you want to get the same financial advice the rich people get?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we need your help.

This project is to create a next-generation of economic and financial education.

Why do we need a next-generation of economic and financial education?

Capitalism is failing, and it’s time to panic  

What is our mission?

1. We want first to empower the millennial generation with practical and useful financial education.

2. We want to help society adapt to the changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by understanding how money work in the modern economy.

3. Learning through playing for all age.

The millennial generation

The millennial generation has been falling behind and are becoming the Unluckiest Generation in Modern History.

Millennial started entering the job market around the financial crisis of 2008 when companies where downsizing their workforce.

And when millennial’s where starting to get on their feet march 2020 the pandemic crisis happened.

The spread of the corona virus is projected to impact millions of jobs worldwide.

The travel and hospitality industries have taken a significant hit. In addition to major airlines, businesses such as ride-share companies, banks, restaurants and many more have announced downsizing their workforce due to the corona virus thus far.

  • Millennial’s have lower rates of employment
  • Millennial’s have lower rates of earnings
  • Millennial’s have lower rates of savings

These problems won’t solve themselves.  Real change will require us all to work together. We cannot afford to lose the millennial generation to poverty. And if we work together, we don’t have to.

I  believe that every person has a right, and a need to be financial literate. We have a responsibility to prepare our children to understand how money and the economy work, how to pay taxes, how to apply for a job, how to start a business and so on.

Right now the numbers show that we as a society are failing in that responsibility.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution 

If we want to start closing the wealth gap, we need to start giving financial educating to more people.

With the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution the way we make money is going to change for ever because of automation, robots and AI taking over more and more work from us.

The corona crisis brought the need for people to work from home and this trend is not going to change.

  • This is going to change how we spend money and how we earn money.
  • This is going to change how companies are going to be hiring people. 

If you can do your job from home then your job can be done in India or Bangladesh where the cost of labour is much lower.

We believe if more people understand how money work in the economy then this can help society adapt to the changes brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution  

We can make sure that more people learn to love financial education, but we can’t do it without you. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in making a difference!

with your help, we’ll be able to make financial education available on all of the devices people use to consume content today.

No matter how much we raise, we promise that every dollar you pledge will bring financial education to more platforms, and more people.

What is your money going toward?

We are going to bring economic data to life by visualizing it on the internet and making it interactive so you can see the effects of certain actions in to the economy.

When  you want to learn something about the economy you get a lot of theory but it’s my belief that people are able to learn much faster by having visual tools that display the cause-and-effect relationship of economic policies.


We need to raise to start this project.

Stretch Goals


We need to raise to fund an experienced team to do this right.


We need to raise more than €1,000,000 this is going to give us the ability to make a very accurate picture of the world economy by getting in touch with experts in the different fields of economics.

And this is going to give us the ability to reach people around the world that want and need financial education.

Please Make a Pledge. Thank you very much for your support.