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+ me is composed of 6 modules of fine cotton stuffed with 100% white goose down tailor made by you


We spend a lot of time sleeping because it is the basis of our well-being. More than 70% of people have a specific thermal problem during sleep, that compromises the quality of rest. There are those who always have cold feet and a warm chest, or who have a cold chest and very warm legs and feet.

+ me is the answer to this problem;

+ me is a very high quality joinable duvet modules with different levels of warmth retention  that can be combined and recombined at any time to meet your specific thermal needs and those of your partner.

By ensuring exactly the warmth you both want in every part of your body, + me improves the quality of your life, because sleeping well means living better!








Warmth custom-fit for you and your partner

  • it maintains exactly the temperature you want, thanks to the different duvet’s weight; 
  • it retains heat evenly and thermoregulates, thanks to the composition of large squares of fine cotton padded with 100% goose down, each other isolated by stitching.



Heat levels of the +me panels

+me – the double duvet version – is composed of 6 modules that satisfy 3 levels of warmth, to easily reach your desired comfort in any part of the body (chest, legs, feet). 



Our body is warmer than the bedroom. At night, we delegate the duvet to protect us and retain heat. There are complex systems to measure this property and since these are completely personal sensations and needs, we preferred to describe our products by creating a scale from 1 to 5, aware that it remains a suggestion, an indication, the result of our research and experience.

+me has 3 heat levels available:

  • Level 1 (80 gr/m2) = light, to cover the hottest area of the body
  • Level 3 (130 gr/m2) = medium, to cover the body area with medium temperature
  • Level 5 (180 gr/m2) = heavy, to cover the cold parts of the body




Prior to +me the choice of the best duvet was extremely difficult because:

1. long discussion between you and your partner about the level of heat

2. assess the exact warmth needed in every part of your body

3. avoid heavy duvet to get enough warmth

4. one duvet could not match all seasons needs (autumn/winter/spring)

5. washability and storage space required

Today, with +me years of compromise come to the end.



1. you customize your +me duvet according to your and your partner needs

2. you exactly match the warmth you dream on chest, legs and feet

3. +me weighs less than 2 kg, due to the high quality of goose down 

4. you can change the panels’ combination whenever you want, whenever the season changes

5. you wash +me into the washing machine by splitting the panels.



Fabric: 100% cotton

Padding: 100% white goose down

Regulations: Class 1 European Standards EN 12934- 100% Natural Product. Dedust, washed and sterilized in compliance with Italian Presidential Decree 845 23/1/75 and D.M. 315 10/11/76. Contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
Warranty: 2 years

Composition: 3+3 panels with a dimension of 250×220 cm and 40 buttons

Features: every panel of +me:

  • heats in a differentiated way, thanks to the different weight of goose down 
  • retains heat evenly, thus carrying out its thermoregulatory action with great effectiveness, thanks to the particular composition of fixed squares with through stitching (large square of fine cotton padded, each other isolated by stitching).


The down is the most precious part of the goose plumage, a soft and light cluster, which ensures a perfect thermal insulation, keeps moisture under control and offers maximum comfort.  The down used for +me comes from geese raised for food purposes, in cold  countries such as Siberia, Canada, Greenland and North Eastern Europe (Hungary and Poland). These geese have a tick, soft and precious down that once arrived in Italy is subjected to washing, sterilization and finally deducted to be absolutely hypoallergenic, according to the highest standards and in compliance with national and European regulations and laws.



The plumage of the geese is not always white, sometimes darker but guarantees the same thermal properties. Our products are not subjected to chemical bleaching so we tolerate the presence of few darker flakes to preserve the quality of the raw materials and your health. 


+me is made up fo large square of fine cotton. The square are isolated from each other through a seam to allow the padding to be distributed evenly, thus carrying out its thermoregulatory action with great effectiveness. The sheets are easily joined on the edges  and coupled by buttons.

Fabric of +me is made of cotton for three good reasons:

  • soft, light, enveloping, relaxing, pleasant touch
  • high density mesh – 360 TC (Thread Count)
  • intense breathability and down retention



+me filling power is at least 750 Cuin. Higher Cuin, only possible with high quality goose down, means lower weight. What is the filling power? It is the ratio between weight and volume of the geese plumage and it is measured in cubic inches (CUIN). It is the product quality index. If the down is bulky and the weight is light, the filling power is higher. This is because the larger the down, the less they are needed to obtain the same volume needed to reach the desired heat levels.


You can build and tear down your +me whenever you want according to your needs and climate changes. This is possible due to buttonholes and twin buttons. The gap between the assembled modules makes +me fully breathable.


Once the cold season is over storing the duvet is as important as using it. For this reason +me comes with an original breathable bag, which can be easily stored in the wardrobe or to bring it with you while traveling.



How to compose +me

+me is modular to be customized by you, made up of panels with different insulation, which can be assembled using the friendly buttons provided.


+me consists in 6 panels and 40 buttons. To compose +me, lay the panels on the mattress and unlock the buttons, separating the male from the female.

Insert the button with the tip (male) into the buttonholes from below, so that the button comes out of the buttonhole with the tip facing up.


Couple the female of the button with the male, exerting pressure. The panels are now locked. Pay attention to the intersections of the 4 panels (see the picture above).



+me is in the transition phase from prototype to production. We have completed the product development, prototyping and testing phase. We have selected the best suppliers to obtain a high quality and reliable duvet. 

We made the modules structured in squares that will house the down goose of the duvet and we have found the ideal buttons to assemble the panels once completed.

We are read to carry out the second production phase, consisting in filling the modules with the precious geese down. This is the most capital intensive part of the project, requiring an investment of € 115.000.

We need to finance this phase and we have already found the raw material supplier and booked the quantity required so that we can promptly get it. In return, we offer +me at special price made available to Indiegogo members throughout this campaign.


The price after the campaign will be more than double.





+me is patented and made in Italy. 

Each module is divided into large squares of fine cotton, filled with 100% goose down. A grid of seams allows the heat to be distributed evenly. +me is available in the version of double bed (6 modules). You can assemble +me in a completely personalized way, combining panels according to your and your partner desired warmth and to the season (autumn, winter, spring).


Eary Bird: 1x Double Duvet

+me double duvet. It includes:

  • 6 panels that you can choose from three levels of warmth (1, 3 or 5)
  • 40 buttons, that are used to assemble +me as you want
  • 1 breathable bag to store +me when not in use.


Eary Bird: 1x Double Duvet +2

+me double duvet fit for any season. It includes:

  • 6 panels that you can choose from three levels of warmth (1, 3 or 5)
  • 2 additional panels to adjust +me to the climate
  • 60 buttons, that are used to assemble +me as you want
  • 1 breathable bag to store +me when not in use.


Eary Bird: 2x Double Duvet 

2 +me double duvet. It includes:

  • 6+6 panels that you can choose from three levels of warmth (1, 3 or 5)
  • 40+40 buttons, that are used to assemble +me as you want
  • 1+1 breathable bag to store +me when not in use.



+me was born from an idea of Caterina Policardi and Pietro Parmeggiani backed by industry experts.


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