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Visual and fine motor interactive workbook that provides immediate performance feedback to the child automatically.


What is Draw a Line: Farm Edition?

Draw a Line: Farm Edition is an occupational therapy focused training app designed for use by Educators to train children’s visual and fine motor control, the fundamental skills required for handwriting. It currently has 34 levels with easy, advance, and superb mode that makes up to 100+ challenges. Each level has a different path that directs a specific training purpose. The app was launched in the App Store in late 2021. It is free to download for trial play with in-app purchases for access to all levels and functions.

Currently, the following functions are accessible for free…

– 3 basic levels

– 3 difficulty modes to suit a variety of players

– 11 colours to select for addressing perceptual processing difficulties and light sensitivity

– Automatic capture of screen for ease of record

– Continuous line to prevent lifting of stylus for training pen control and fluency

– Red line display when drawn out of the path for instant feedback

– Animations to increase motivation

– Musical sound effects to increase arousal level

– No advertisements to cause distraction

…and players can subscribe for access to the following functions:

– All levels (currently: 34) 

– Global scoreboard to compete with international players

– Mode selector to test players’ ability and recommend a suitable mode to play

– Personal profile to keep track of progress

– Character selection according to gender

Level 1 Tutorial
Level Select Board
Level 12, Advance Mode, White Colour Path

Why did I create Draw a Line: Farm Edition?

Draw a Line was originally developed to assist Occupational Therapists (OT) in training children pre-writing skills. OT are healthcare professionals specialised in maximising children’s potential ability and independence. Through my research and insight as an OT, I found that traditional education is facing challenges as teaching is not personalised and children don’t find joy in learning. This gives the shift to smart learning or so-called online learning. Further with the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes fundamental to have educational tools that is compatible with social distancing. Thus, I came up with the idea of an e-training app that can assist educators in improving the pre-writing skills of children.

What are our customers saying?

Our customers include…

–  Kindergarten Teachers

–  Special Education Teachers

–  Occupational Therapists

–  Social Workers

–  Childcare Workers

–  Parents

–  Children aged 3 to 8 years old

–  Children with special educational needs (SEN) aged 3 to 12 years old

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When will it be fully launched?

My long-term goal is to develop the full version of Draw a Line: Farm Edition and make it available on a variety of platforms including Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Facebook and more… so that children and educators can access to the app anytime, anywhere.

How you can help?

I am creating this Kickstarter to raise fund for developing the full version of Draw a Line: Farm Edition, given the high interest shown since the launch of the initial prototype. Your donations will be put towards developing additional levels for children training, more advanced features to support educators’ reporting, and for release on more platforms so that more users can access to the app anytime anywhere. On top of research and development, I also want to get the advertising off the ground as a good product means nothing if people don’t know it is out there!

So please, help support by donating any amount you like. Even if you decide not to contribute, you can still help me out immensely by sharing this with your friends or downloading the app, currently available only on the App Store. Your contributions will help to advertise and spread to your community so more people can jump in to Draw a Line.

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Campaign Goal

–  US$1,000 – my initial goal to enable development and release of app on other platforms 

–  US$2,000 – develop and release full 50 levels of Stage 1 (total 50 levels)

–  US$4,000 – develop and release full 50 levels of Stage 2 (total 100 levels)

–  US$6,000 – develop and release full 50 levels of Stage 3 (total 150 levels)

–  US$10,000 – develop and release a pre-writing training curriculum for use with the app

–  US$20,000 – implement advanced progress report function

Who is developing Draw a Line: Farm Edition? 

Angela is an Occupational Therapist and game developer who brings unique international backgrounds to Draw a Line: Farm Edition having reside in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong for over 20 years. Angela initiated the idea during her training as a paediatric occupational therapist, having recognised the tedious amount of time used to assess and train children’s pre-writing skills with paper-based lines drawing tasks. The transformation of paper-based training into an interactive video game helps to increase children’s motivation to learn. The features of personalised report and instant feedback helps to reduce the workload of therapists, especially during group training where one-to-one attention becomes difficult. With COVID-19 pandemic, the app gradually transformed from a therapist assistive tool to a teacher and parent friendly app as it can be personalised and assigned as a homework for students to work through independently at home. Draw a Line: Farm Edition is developed through careful consideration and planning and aims to become one of educators’ best assistive tool.