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Oct 07, 2020
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Nov 07, 2020

Unlock the 500+ page OMNIBUS hardcover, containing Vols 1-4, as you thrill to brand-new Volume 5.


Shipping will be charged in Backerkit, when you are filling out your survey for delivery.  We’re rolling with a fulfillment service to score the lowest possible cost for you on each order, based on the unique collection of items being delivered.  Scroll way down, and we have weight estimates & shipping tables so you know what to expect. 

We’ve had our share of obstacles, from being hit by a truck, to hard drive crashes to a fire torching our inventory (and an entire 3-story apartment building.)

But none of that stopped us from delivering thousands upon thousands of books, as Dreamkeepers branched into tabletop games, plush, a spinoff novel, and more.  All due to the support of spectacular readers.  A massive thanks to all of you!

Newcomers, you can catch up free on our website. 

Now we’re ready to share the next exciting installment of the story- scroll to choose your favorite rewards, and contemplate which faction will win your allegiance.

Whew- that’s some fantastic stuff.  But together, we can make it even better!


The Impact

Will you find gorgeous limited edition items in your mailbox due to in this campaign?  Yes- but you’ll be doing more than that.  

Dave & Liz have been creating Dreamkeepers independently through their company, Vivid Publishing, for over a decade.  No trust fund, no angel investors- we started with literally nothing but paper and pencil.   

Relentless creative drive has led us here, to full-time production on our own creator-owned series.  

But two sets of hands can only do so much.  We have enough to get  by- but with the revenue to pay more artists and contributors, the Dreamkeepers video game can enter viable development, as book production accelerates.  And what’s more, Vivid can shake to life, and give more authors the same chance it gave us.

The chance to connect readers with unique original content- no matter how hard established industry gatekeepers try to prevent it.

Vivid’s credo is Read what you want.  Think what you want.  Cut free, and Be Vivid.

We want to create a market for everyone- where authors can be authentic, create from the heart, and readers are not vilified, but celebrated.  We can create the content- but only you can decide how much that matters.


Risks & Challenges

There’s still some work to do:  115 of 132 Volume 5 pages are complete.  That leaves about 17 to go- but making comics is what we do, and I’m confident there will be no problem in popping the champagne cork on production.  After all, smack in the middle of Volume 4 production is when a fire devastated our entire life, and we didn’t stop for that.  

Potentially we could have suppliers go out of business, but we have several printers we’ve worked with in the past, which provides options in the event of 3rd party logistical problems.

Whatever happens, you’ll be fully updated and in the loop every step of the way.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign.  Social media algorithms cater to the big guys, and bury folks like us.  Our only shot at growth is if people who enjoy our work are willing to show it to others- so please take the time to call someone up.  If you think there’s value in what we do, share it with someone who can genuinely find enjoyment in a unique new creator-owned fantasy world.  You can notch the achievement of being the one who introduced them to their new favorite series.




Shipping is charged later, in early spring when your survey is completed in Backerkit and the weight of your shipment (including add-ons) is finalized.   To get an idea of what to expect, here are the current fulfillment center postage rates, as of September 2020.  Packing materials and handling will likely add a couple dollars to the total.

Estimated weight for key reward items:

Volume 5 ‘Assassin’s Flaw’ Hardcover book:  1lb 14oz

Vols 1-4 Omnibus Hardcover Collection: 5lb 9oz