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Earthworm Jim 1: Black & White LEATHER Edition + Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish!


Fight the Fish. Save the Princess.​

My name is Doug TenNapel and I’m the creator of Earthworm Jim, the Neverhood and Nickelodeon’s Catscratch. I finally got the rights to tell the epic story of my creation in comic book form and this is the second book in the series; Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish!

Thanks to the fans of EWJ who have stuck with EWJ for over 25 years because we finally have the authentic Earthworm Jim Saga! EWJ2: Fight The Fish will be loaded with even more features on this campaign, but look at what the book has already achieved:

Hardcover, 9″ x 12″, full color, 160 Pages 
Gold Gilded Edges 
Embossing & Debossing
UV Spot Gloss, 2 different colors of foil!
Every backer gets a colorized Re-issue of THEY CALLED HIM EVIL mini-comic from 1991!
Every backer gets a set of 3 different Earthworm Jim stickers!
Doug T will read you Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish!

This all-ages story takes place just after the first book EWJ: Launch the Cow!  The bad guys, Bob and #4, kidnap Princess What’s Her Name and it’s up to Earthworm Jim, Peter Puppy, Snot and Farmer Jim to go to the Planeta De Agua and save her!

INTRODUCING Earthworm Jim: Black & White LEATHER Cover Edition!

At DougT Comics we think the printed book is a marvelous form of art. So for the first time ever we’re offering Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow in a Black & White, leather cover edition! This will be a most unique art book! Here’s a mock up of the leather cover:

Every Leather book comes with these features:

1. EWJ LEATHER will be hand-signed and numbered with an EWJ headsketch inside!
2. TEE SHIRT designed by Doug T (sizes S to XXXL)
4. EWJ enamel pin

These LEATHER book tier items will not be available for add-ons and will only be available on this one campaign. This leather book will have just this ONE PRINTING so it will be an instant collector’s item!

We are starting this book with 160 pages of the black and white art pages from Earthworm Jim: Launch the Cow! Some will be in pencil, some partially inked, most are completely inked. They were scanned in at a high resolution and I want you to actually see the chunks of whiteout on the page! Even though the art is called black and white, it is printed in four colors to achieve the richest black, plus you will see my non-photo blue lines on some pages! Future stretch goals will add even more features/pages to this book! Think about metal corners, riveted leather, a cloth ribbon, a matching leather bookmark, pages of writing on how to pencil and ink, rice-paper chapter separations and more! The goal is to make the book crazy-stupid-rich with detail and fun! 

Below is the Indiegogo First-48-hours exclusive PSYCROW ZOMBIE cloth-embroidered patch! Back this campaign in the first 48 hours and we will add this patch to your order for free!

Crafted By a Team of Artists:
Our team has the proven experience to make quality books delivered in our famously engineered shipping boxes covered in crazy decorations. The pages of these books are already inked and our colorist KATHERINE GARNER is about half way through the book! Her work is marvelous as she paints them in Photoshop. Here’s 2 sample pages from EWJ2: Fight the Fish

These books are collectable, handsome coffee table editions and my backers always have a blast opening their unique shipping boxes as the stretch goodies pour out! You’ll get your hardbound books quickly and our customer service offers amazing white-glove care for your shipment.

UNLOCKED! EWJ 2 gets Hardcover, 9″ x 12″, full color, 160 Pages 
UNLOCKED! EWJ 2 gets Gold Gilded Edges 
UNLOCKED! EWJ 2 gets Embossing & Debossing
UNLOCKED! EWJ 2 gets UV Spot Gloss, 2 different colors of foil!
UNLOCKED! Every book backer gets a colorized Re-issue of THEY CALLED HIM EVIL mini-comic from 1991!
UNLOCKED! Every book backer gets a set of 3 different Earthworm Jim stickers!
UNLOCKED! Doug T will read you Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish!
UNLOCKED! $100k- Every Backer gets a QUARTER BLACK FERRET sticker!

$120k HUGE, expensive, antiqued SCULPTED METAL SHIELD added to leather cover!
$130k every backer gets a PDF of the comic script for the Bigfoot Bill 3: floppy comic!
$140k Leather edition gets ribbed spacers on the spine!
$150k cloth ribbon added to leather edition!

ADD-ONS are how you CUSTOMIZE this campaign!
You may need a book that isn’t on your tier, so you can add-on books to create your own custom order. The main items we are offering to add-on:
Earthworm Jim 1: Launch the Cow! Get the book that broke the Ingiegogo comic-funding record!
Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish! Get more copies of the newest DougT Comic!
Bigfoot Bill 1: Shadow of the Mothman This is the FIRST book we made in the big new format!
Bigfoot Bill 2: Finger of Poseidon The 2nd chapter of my newest character!
The Making Of Earthworm Jim never-told stories on how the original team made a great game!
Bigfoot Bill 3 Floppy Comic Get more copies of the 24-page preview (every backer gets 1)!
They Called Him Evil Floppy Comic Get more copies of this 8-pager (every backer gets 1)!
Evil the Cat Patch You get one patch for free already. Want more? Add one on!
Sticker Set Every sticker we create for the campaign will be added. There are 3 EWJ stickers!

On the Numbering of Leather Books:
The books will be given out in order of Indiegogo tier cost first, then numerical order. The first backer in the highest tier gets the lowest numbered book.

Risks & Challenges

We all know the pandemic has kicked certain businesses in the crotch so we can experience some printing and shipping delays. The delays are slight (less than 2 months on the last campaign) so we will get you your books no matter what.

Can’t Contribute But Want To Help?

Help us spread the word about Earthworm Jim 2: Fight the Fish to your friends! Just copy the link above and post it in your social media! Sharing is caring.

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