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Oct 19, 2020
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Dec 18, 2020

A full-featured phone app for USA and Canada that makes and receives calls from a real cell or land-line number.


The Project

eDial will develop a full-feature phone app for USA and Canada.

Easy Dialler Pty Ltd, trading as ‘eDial’ is a registered Australian telecommunications/ISP company focusing strongly on software while operating as a service provider and supplier of telephony, internet, cloud, and ICT products (see www.edial.com.au). We have successfully deployed our full-feature PBX phone systems and web application software solutions to business customers in Australia and we are reaching out to offer our solutions to the world.

Our eDial App will allow you to do a lot more than the current Android or iPhone standard phone apps allow, where call merging is a good as it gets. But our eDial app will offer more features to you than WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype combined. WhatsApp and Messenger require the call receiver to also have the same app installed on their device to receive the call; and Skype is limited with its functions and features as a business phone. eDial will be easy to use and feature rich to open more opportunity for business and will make the phone experience better for domestic users.

The eDial app will allow you to enjoy a locally hosted USA/Canadian cell or local phone number and you can make calls from anywhere in the world, and anyone can call you; just as though you were still at home, there’s no premium charges. No more expensive or limited roaming for frequent travelers either. It’s great for many other reasons, because you will be able to separate certain callers/calls from your personal or main cell number. No more dual SIM headaches and no need for a 2nd phone. Calls will simply drop into your eDial app when it’s connected to data or WiFi and missed calls will go straight to voicemail.

We understand the new normal will be employees working from home and the eDial app is the solution. Businesses can have more flexibility and a better technology for remote workers to give their customers a better experience on the phone. The eDial app enables businesses to run their staff remotely at home using their smart phone or tablet. No hardware, support or setup is required.

Both business and consumers alike can use their smart phones for amazing Plug and Play features like; Conference Calls, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Hold / Music, Call Recording, Call Waiting, Call Merge, and Voicemail To Email. eDial can deliver this unique app in July 2021 with all these great features and it will set us apart from all other apps.

We expect that domestic users will also take advantage of this great app for the cheap rates and better features because cloud phone systems will be the future of all communications. There are numerous benefits for the home user ranging from cost-efficiencies to increased reliability and security. eDial is going to evolve and change the way phones are used forever.

The registered virtual cell or land-line number used on the app is actually a real number; so the calls that are made in the eDial app will go out just as normal and other people can call you too. There’s even an option to display any different phone number when dialing.

eDial takes pride in offering you a great service and product. Our servers in America will ensure speed and performance, so if your WiFi or data connection is satisfactory you won’t get latency issues or poor-quality calls. The eDial app will offer the ability to add users to your account instantly as needed, so just pay as you go, and call internationally with estimated rates such as 2.5 US cents per minute to Australia and New Zealand, 3 US cents per minute to the UK, and 4 US cents per minute to Ireland.

Many apps and soft-phone brands exist and so too do many telecommunications companies but never before have the two been put together in such an easy service combination. eDial is a true cloud-based solution. The eDial app works purely from a WiFi or Data connection and users will enjoy the eDial app for a low monthly subscription.

Use of funds

If we achieve our crowdfund raise, we will use these funds on the specialized development team to bring this to life.

Fortunately, over the past 12 months, we have mostly completed the browser-build of this technology, of which the app-build is going to be based on, so the fundamentals are almost already there. We have a lot of confidence in delivering what we’re offering because the app-build component is simply another layer of the same technology proven in our browser-build. There are still some standard and common features yet to be completed on the browser-build as well as testing, bug fixes and finishing touches. We expect the browser-build will be completed in February 2021. Once the browser-build is complete, we can then commence the app-build stage which is to develop the actual app and deliver it according to our timeline in July 2021.

Towards the end of the development we will also be setting up servers in the USA and Canada for fast national call deployment. Your Kickstarter funds will help us build and develop this app as a competitive and preferred choice.

The eDial app will be complete and ready for download on our website, Google Play and App Store before the 23rd July 2021.

The Offer

Kickstarter funders will receive a 12-month subscription for Unlimited USA and Canada Calls to enjoy our easy to use eDial app with all its great and unique features (call recording feature is charged extra for cloud storage).

We propose that when we take this to market; normally a single user will be priced at $9.99 USD (VAT incl.) per month (or a 10% discount for 12 months = $107.89 USD). But Kickstarter Funders can choose from the VAT inclusive 12-month subscription prices as shown.


Please enjoy the savings and share this page with your friends, family, and colleagues to help bring this useful app to the world. We look forward to giving you our eDial app.