$1 raised out of $300,000

Our project is to open a particular coffee shop and pastry where the buzzword is “PINK”.



(E) eat, (D) drink and (N) nourish

We are three young italian entrepreneurs (Luca, Fabiana and Rinaldo), after more experience in the food and beverage industry between Italy and London, we decide to realize our little dream to open our first coffee shop and pastry. In this year, besides the many work experiences, we really focused about what people like, a place where guests can relax but at the same time, lively, due to the characteristics the interior and exterior design of the shop. This has enabled us to figure out about our future shop by focusing on the high quality of food and drink and an excellent visual impact. Our project is to introduce a new concept of coffee shop and pastry where the buzzword is “PINK” and the people can immerse themselves in a colorful and floral atmosphere, they can take a picture, enjoying a different drinks as special and alternatives latte than the usual cappuccino or americano.


We would like to create a pink room, with a large outdoor area and welcoming interiors. Gorgeous furnishings to remind you of being in a place where life begins after coffee and breakfast and to taste products prepared with passion and love. Pink is the dominant element chosen by us, because is an emotional color and has influence on feelings transmitting love and protection to immediately bring to mind ED&N café and our own products.


● The first objective is to open our first coffee and pastry shop in America, starting from the main cities as New York, Los Angeles and Miami, because we think are excellent starting points to achieve our mission. Was chosen Miami, but we will consider also other cities to start our project.

● As a second objective is to enter the American market with a strong advertising impact, in fact our small part of budget will be spent in marketing and then the opening of a second and third shop.

● The third objective is to start the service of cathering with the launch of new products and merchandising.

● The final objective, the most important is to establish a chain of ED&N Café throughout America.


Our target goal of $300,000 breaks down as follows:

  • $300000 will help offset the cost of purchasing the assets preexisting in the space (equipment, furniture) and with initial operating costs such as permits, insurance, opening inventory and rent before we become profitable, and even for the marketing.
  • The remaining $94,000 will cover Kickstarter platform fees, processing fees, and taxes.

If we surpass our initial goal by 50000$, we will use them to purchase the necessary pastry equipment. While if we surpass our initial goal by 100000$ it will allow us to consult immediately with the catering service. 



After various market analysis, we decided to set out from the American dream. The United States is recognized as one of the largest and most populous country in the world, this gives us more expansion opportunity for our idea and business. The initial choice has fallen on Miami, a fresh and dynamic city, but at the same time a full of tourist and full of opportunity. We believe this is the right point where to begin, grow up and then spread throughout America. We are actively looking for the best place for the ED&N Café in Miami.


In this coffee shop, will be prepared everything that goes from the breakfast with the suggestion of a wide range of croissants with special toppings and decorations combined with the cream, to cakes and sweeties. Will also be offered savory dishes matched by fresh juice, soft drinks and smoothies. All special latte and alternatives latte have the option to be made hot or cold.

Croissant with Twix
Pink Spanish latte and Pistachio Spanish latte
Jade latte, Golden Latte and Blue matcha