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Spin yarn from raw fiber with this portable and affordable eSpinner.


Many fiber artists would love to make their own yarn, but traditional spinning wheels are expensive and drop spindles can be slow or difficult to learn.  This project offers an affordable and easy to use electric spinning wheel that suits all levels of spinning ability.

The Electric Eel Wheel Nano 2 is an ultra-portable eSpinner that enables you to spin a wide range of yarns.  It is a fully functional spinning wheel that lets you spin singles and then ply them together with ease. The colors offered are a fun eye-popping blue or a sophisticated neutral black color.

Improvements Over the Original EEW Nano

The original EEW Nano defined a brand new category of spinning wheels.  It proved a more affordable and smaller eSpinner was possible when I released a fully functional eSpinner for around $100.

In addition to the improved size and weight, there are many other features that make this model exceptional. For example the EEW Nano 2 can be powered with any standard USB port making it easy to power with USB battery packs or in cars that have USB ports. Other portability features include the collapsible bobbins that can be threaded together when ready to use and the sturdy plastic design allowing the EEW Nano 2 to withstand bumpy transport and damp environments.  Here’s a list of the improvements in this version of the EEW Nano.

  • More powerful motor
  • Speed at flyer is 1100 RPMs
  • New tension dial to make adjusting tension easier
  • New sliding hooks to reduce tangles and over spinning
  • New flat pack threaded bobbins
  • USB power cord and switch allowing more versatile power options
  • Suction cups to reduce sliding and vibration
  • Completely new circuit board to improve efficiency and reliability
  • One piece flyer design to ensure the flyer arms are always straight
  • New motor pulley design to reduce slipping and cracking of the pulley

This video goes over many of the improvements of the EEW Nano 2.


Many people in the community have used their EEW Nano on planes, cruise ships, in the car, while camping, or just relaxing at home.

With the EEW Nano 2, I’ve looked at all aspects of what makes a wheel portable and improved on the original design.  Size and weight do matter and these are places the EEW Nano 2 excel, but there are many other things to consider.  For example, the EEW Nano 2 can be powered with any standard USB port making it easy to power with USB battery packs or in cars that have USB ports.  Another great improvement is the way bobbins collapse to take up less room and then thread together for use. Another thing to consider for portability is how well a wheel holds up to bumps and damp environments.  The sturdy plastic design of the EEW Nano 2 really excels in these areas too.

The compact size and weight make it ideal for moving around the house. If you’re spinning in the garden while the children are playing, reclined on the sofa watching TV with the family, talking on the telephone, or in the kitchen waiting for dinner to cook, this wheel is quiet and easy to use.

  •  Width: 3.6 inches (90 mm)
  •  Height: 5.1 inches (130 mm)
  •  Length: 5.4 inches (140 mm)
  •  Weight: 1.2 pounds (540 g)

Types of Yarn 

Some examples of the types of yarn you can spin on the EEW Nano 2

This video shows the EEW Nano 2 spinning many different types of yarn.

 Included Items 

EEW Nano 2

  • EEW Nano 2 base unit
  • USB power cord and switch
  • 6x flat pack threaded bobbins each bobbin holds about 2 ounces (Blue, Green, and Gray)
  • User Manual and Spin Card
  • Orifice hook
  • Orifice Reducer

This is everything you need to start spinning.  The USB power cord does include a small wall plug which works with North America plugs.  If you live somewhere else in the world you’ll need to provide your own power source, but most USB batteries or USB chargers will work.

EEW Nano 1.x Upgrade Kit

  • Circuit Board
  • Motor
  • USB power cord and switch
  • Flyer
  • 6 bobbins

This upgrades your flyer, electronics and motor for an EEW Nano 1.x.  It will leave a large gap in the case since the USB plug is smaller than the old power plug.  You could cover this up by cutting some plastic or wood to size and gluing it to place, but nothing like that is included.  Other improvements related to the case like the new tension dial on the EEW Nano 2 are obviously not included.


One of the strengths of all my products is excellent documentation.  This page on the EEW Nano has a getting started video and a  five part, in depth series for people new to spinning plus some more advanced technique videos.  Here is a link to the manual that will come with the EEW Nano 2. There are over 13,000 members in our Ravelry and Facebook groups so there are many people to help if you have questions.

While on the topic of the EEW community, I frequently post polls asking for feedback on future designs or updates on future projects.  The community is also full of spinners asking questions and offering help.  If you use either of those social platforms, I suggest joining the EEW community.

Here is a getting started video for the EEW Nano 2.

Why Kickstarter

If you look through my past Kickstarter projects you’ll see that I have a very good record for delivering on time.  This is because I normally have a near-final prototype and I can estimate how long it will take for production.  As a result, I use Kickstarter to help fund the first batch of a product.  This means I usually need 9+ months from when I start the Kickstarter until it ships.

This project is different because I’m actually farther along in development, so I need less time to ship.  I have seen final samples and have already ordered and received the parts.  For this project I’m using the Kickstarter for these purposes:

  • A framework that helps me share how production and shipping is going.  In the past people have really enjoyed these updates and I like doing them.
  • A system to handle preorders and then ship them out in an efficient manner.  This also means I can give these early customers a discount off the retail price.
  • A method of reaching out to some new people who wouldn’t normally see my store and then growing the EEW community with new fiber-lovers.


  •  I am an avid spinner (addict) and have full size wheels from Ashford Traditional to Schacht Matchless (with all the different size whorls) and an Ashford e-spinner. Why would I want the Nano? In short, I can take it with me in my purse.  – Tamara Romaine 
  •  My Nano is my favorite spinning tool. It is a joy to use. I can spin the finest and most consistent yarn on it and all while sitting back on my recliner. – Jane Harrison 
  •  I love my Nano. It is great for traveling and just what I needed to get back to spinning while on a tight budget. – Mechelle Fox 
  •  Absolutely wonderful. I would not only recommend this to any spinner, but also anyone looking to get children interested in crafting because it’s so portable and easy to use. – Vicki 
  •  I’m totally in love with it. I was spinning within five minutes of having it out of the box.  – Alice Beltran 
  •  I love my EEW Nano! I had never spun before and a couple of YouTube videos and a little learning curve, and presto! I made yarn! This wheel is awesome and very easy to use! – Rebecca Trimbath 
  •  I have a Nano, which is perfect to take on a plane or camping. – Cindy Barkhuizen 
  •  I started with other electric wheels and found the Nano 1.1 by accident. What attracted me to the Nano was the smaller size and the smaller 2 oz bobbins. It’s lighter, fits in a lunch bag, uses very little battery power, it never pulls the fiber out of my hand and it is just a smooth running machine. – Elle Morris 
  •  The BEST little spinner. My Kiwi will be gathering dust! Great for taking to retreats and such. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  – Aleta Batty 
  •  I got the EEW Nano to dip my toe in the spinning pool without spending too much money. I love that I can spin beautiful yarn without needing much space to store my wheel. – Aurora Ginzburg 
  •  Maurice’s customer service is outstanding. – Carol Combelic 

Shipping and Payments

If you want to order more than one EEW Nano 2 you can add more (up to a max of 10) when selecting your reward level by selecting add on items.  Please make sure not to select “no reward” during this process unless you really don’t want a reward.  I have placed limits on how many EEW Nano 2s can be ordered since I have a limited amount of inventory, but I don’t expect this to be an issue.

Kickstarter  won’t charge you until the funding for this campaign finishes successfully.  A few weeks after collecting those funds, Kickstarter forwards those funds to me.

The shipping costs get added to your reward level after you decide which one to support.  The shipping cost varies depending on where it is getting shipped.  Please note that backers outside the USA will be responsible for duties, fees, and taxes applicable to their region.

Kickstarter and I will let you know how to fill out a survey to provide your shipping information just before I start shipping.  If you miss that or don’t have a stable address you will have a full year after I start shipping to get me your address.

Kickstarter has more information about how this process works here.

A size comparison between the EEW 6.0 (center) and the EEW Nano 2.