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Help us build a covered structure to support creative activities year-round.


We acquired the land that would become Ekommunity in 2016. We spent two years building, and have now been operating the eco-resort of our dreams since 2018.

As you might imagine, 2020 has been a challenging year for young businesses… And while this global disaster seemed like it could spell the end for us, it has actually shown beyond any doubt, that what we are doing here is more important than ever. Not only have we been able to serve the local community in ways we only dreamed of before, we are now inspired to take the next step in our vision of making Ekommunity the hub of eco-tourism in North Bali, with a brand new sustainable events space, making us ready for the new opportunities that 2021 will bring. And for this, we need your help!

Ekommunity currently has a beautiful open-air wooden deck nestled next to the river. This platform has hosted ecstatic dance nights, transformative retreats, restorative yoga sessions, healing and meditative experiences, lively gatherings and magical ceremonies. Many facilitators have shared with us how special this space is, a quality that is hard to convey in words. The deck has one major problem: it’s not usable when it rains. In order to expand our ability to host groups and transformational activities all year round, rain or shine, we are seeking to build a covered bamboo shala.

Our multi-dimensional space
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Ekommunity is located in Munduk, Bali

Bali is a tiny island, yet even Balinese often don’t know about Munduk. High in the mountains, it is home to several waterfalls, luscious forests, extensive plantations of clove trees and coffee amidst one of the most beautiful communities we’ve met all around this magical land. For many travellers, Munduk ends up being the highlight of their journey, due to its authentic character and closeness to nature. Here you meet people who don’t know a word of English but will communicate everything with a smile. Lost in the adventures that bring you to Munduk, you’ll find true connection.

Once known as the Dutch countryside, its brisk mountain air offers an escape from the crowded tourist hotspots so well known around the island. It is a village that truly cares about the well-being of its community and its environment, as they are so intrinsically connected. If you’re just passing through, it’s easy to mistake the countryside of Munduk for a mass of natural jungle,, however most of it is actually lovingly maintained  food forests and farms. However, despite the prevalence of farming, Munduk still relies heavily on the patronage of tourists seeking a natural haven. It is in this landscape that you’ll find Ekommunity, with our elegant bamboo structures and upscale tents, perched on the mountainside just above the river: a little sanctuary honoring what Munduk is all about.


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