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May 17, 2022
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Jul 15, 2022

Electronic gears for electric vehicles that reproduce the characteristics and benefits of a manual, automatic mechanical gearbox=SaveE.


Hi, I patented in Italy in 2015, and it was officially approved in 2019, a solution to all the problems of electric vehicles, but mainly that of a poor range at high speeds, such as on the motorway or for long journeys and journeys, which consists in a mechanical gearbox simulation, entirely composed of electronic equipment that manages energy by introducing other variables, the most common of the inverter or electric motor regulators.

This solution perfectly simulates the characteristics of the gears of a mechanical gearbox, with Dc/Dc converters and allows you to vary acceleration or maximum speed according to the speed of the vehicle.

It also allows you to limit the energy taken from the battery to a nominal value in order to protect it from wear with the use of higher performance.

in practice, it allows you to always use the vehicle in Eco mode and still guarantee performance according to needs.

It can be combined with any electric vehicle, but is particularly useful on cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, trains, ships and all large vehicles as well as airplanes and drones, and is able to increase its autonomy up to 70. % higher than average vehicle speed under ideal conditions.

This is also possible with the use of low-power, high-torque electric motors in a much more efficient and effective way than with direct and classic use.

finally imagine the ecological transition for all means of transport.

 The current problem is not only the energy source but also how we use it and how much of it is needed, therefore a lower consumption means less energy needs for everyone and therefore makes renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics closer to satisfying our daily needs. , guaranteeing us greater economic peace of mind in choosing electric vehicles for our life that are currently quite expensive compared to even older combustion vehicles.

All this, without forgetting the fun of driving;

 I realized all this starting only from retrofits and experiments on radio-controlled cars in 1:10 1: 8 scale….

Prototype Rc Car for simulation electronic gearbox and testing energy saving

I show you some tests that made me understand the energy saving potential of the electronic gearbox from this car:

two engine motor test comparison with electronic gearbox simulation without load. energy saving confirmed with low power motor 2 solution in overvoltage( more torque), used with electronic gearbox.

then I made an electric bike with a 2-speed gearbox to increase its maximum speed.

My Retrofit electric bike prototype components 2gears basic(2 limited current) and 3 (speedup) 1(accelaration) it is not have a confort space in ebike for now.
Details my ebike controls

Unfortunately, due to particular 

economic conditions, I could not do more and no company has yet decided to invest in this patent.

I would like to be able to start making the change for motorcycles or cars and trucks, but currently it is not economically possible for me, But with your help we can start the change also helping the planet, making better use of energy and even less.

Come forward and you will be welcome.