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A collectable strategy card game – Choose between 10 Factions and enter the Warzone in the fight for power


Introducing Energy Empire

Energy Empire is Sci-Fi Fantasy strategic collectable trading card game, wow that’s a mouthful! So with that out of the way let’s go on a little journey to the past

How it all began…

As a collectable card game Energy Empire will provide players pre-constructed decks so new players can hit the ground running and get straight into the game.  Also, we will be offering the traditional foil wrap booster packs each with 15 randomised cards so you can expand your collection and strategies.  There will be various rarities of cards and also special cards included.

So having played many popular CCG’s both casually and competitively for more hours than we’d care to admit. We have outlined some things which we want to address which, we believe will be groundbreaking factors to Energy Empire in providing a unique experience and value to its players.

Finally, we have loads of information for you guys including how it plays, card explanations, lore, game mechanics, cheeky reveals and much more. Now, let us take a closer look at the goodies.

Backer Rewards – Covenants

Unique never to be reproduced card for our loyal backers
Hit the ground running with a pre-constructed deck of the faction of your choice!
Play in style and comfort with an exclusive playmat
Expand your experience with additional boosters to mod your deck

The ultimate exclusive reward and collectors treasure trove

Energy Empire Basics

Below we are going to explain the basic mechanics to Energy Empire and a few other key points.  This example is for a standard duel between two players, or a better way to put it. A titanic struggle across a warzone by two nemesis generals!

Each player starts with a codex (deck of cards) of at least fifty cards, next to the codex is a scrap pile, this is where destroyed, used and discarded cards will end up…most of the time. The scrap pile can also be a veritable goldmine in certain play styles.

In front of the player (ahem) General is their warzone. The closest area to the General is a Structure Zone. Generals will begin the game with a unique HQ (Headquarters), each HQ is different and there are multiple choices for each faction. Each HQ has a life total and these can be different just like the HQ’s themselves, this is the Empires life. Generals can build additional structures in the structure row to gain benefits in their war strategy. The structure row is the core of your operation and will generate energy in order for you to act out your devious machinations.

The next row above the structure row is the support row. The support row is primarily there to guard your empire against attack. Each General will be able to deploy specialised units to this row in order to defend their empire from attacks and other egregious acts.

Lastly above the support row is the Strike row. Generals can deploy specialised strike units to this row in order to unleash hell on their opponent and bring their empire to its knees mwhaa haaa haaaa… (and rein it back in and breathe…)

To get your Units to the Warzone to your chosen rows they are deployed by using the designated amount of energy of their card.  A deployed Unit enters a deployed column and will remain there until the players next turn where they can be placed into rows.

Energy Empire Warzone Guide

So that’s what the warzone is going to look like in a game of Energy Empire, but what about the cards you ask, you can’t just say codex and leave it at that! We can…but we won’t, soo… lets touch on some of the cards you’re going to use to dominate the living empire out of people.

HQ Cards

There are many different HQ’s to chose from for each faction to suit your strategy

 Every game of Energy Empire begins with your HQ.  The HQ has a unique amount of HP, unique ability and produces some energy of the faction it belongs to.  The game starts with each player placing their HQ then further structures can be built to bolster your empires effectiveness.  To win a game of Energy Empire you must reduce an opponents HQ to zero HP

Structure Cards

Structures produce energy for your cause and offer a wealth of other opportunities

Structures are your bread and butter in Energy Empire.  Structures are built alongside your HQ and produce energy for you to spend on cards, Structures also offer other benefits and effects so they can play a critical role in your strategy.

Unit Cards

Units can have multiple abilities making them adaptable to change the flow of war

Units require energy to build and deploy, there is a vast array at your disposal across multiple factions to choose from. Most units are multi-use and can be deployed in various rows and will provide differing effects depending on where they were deployed. They can also change rows to sway the flow of battle in your favour. So defensive turret one minute, aggressive Gatling cannon the next, you’ll get the idea.

Unit Description

Breakdown of an Energy Empire Unit card

 Unit Abilities Teaser

Below are just a handful of tactical triumphs we call abilities.  Units can have General abilities, Strike abilities, Support abilities and Unique Abilities.  That sounds a bit daunting but the intuitive card layout makes it all quite simple.  Here a few teasers for what to expect.

Sneak peak at some awesome Unit abilities

Augment Cards

Augment cards enhance other cards, they can even affect your Codex and Warzone

Augments do a crazy amount of different things but without ruining the surprise too much, we can say that they do exactly as they sound and they augment something on the warzone, even your codex sometimes! Augments can offer unpredictable advantages which will bamboozle your opponents.

Actions Cards

Actions can instantly affect the course of the battle or garner other advantages

Actions cards are effectively orders you use quickly to influence the battle, these one-use wonders can cripple or bolster a strategy. You wait to see these beasts in action.


Stratagems are an untouchable tactic you can use in a unique phase of your turn. Stratagems can break the rules of the game, they are free to use but last for a very limited period and there are restrictions of how many you can have in your codex.

These are just some examples of what you can expect to see in Energy Empire with many more secrets to come.

Rarities Explained

Explanation of Card Rarity

So how to win?

Well, that’s simple obliterate the opponent’s HP total and crush their empire.

What are the Factions?

Factions are force you choose to make your codex with. Each faction is specialised in a particular energy type and has an appropriate colour associated with it. You can mix factions in your codex so you’re not limited to just one but you can only have one unique HQ so that will be the main faction you choose. Each faction produces its own specific energy but there are ways to produce prime energy which can be used for all factions. Below is a brief list of the factions in Energy Empire, additionally all factions are very unique and offer the player very different play strategies but without feeling linear or restricted.

10 Factions, 10 Energies, 10 Reasons to Win

Funding and how we will use it

Energy Empire Master Edition is a set of 1000 unique cards designed for the purpose of being sold and distributed as a collectable card game.  

Our funding goals are to allow us to physically print the game and get to the volumes required for things like randomisation of packs.  Additionally, there are costs involved in the distribution for both online and high street retail.  These are the bulk areas of cost for the goals we have set.  If we can hit the stretch goals we have listed these costs increase to allow for the greater print volumes and distribution across a larger geographic reach.  The artwork is another area some of the funding will be directed towards as we have some thematic principles we would like to get across in the personality of the game.

Smaller but no less important costs are things like small office space, during this difficult time especially in the UK where lockdown protocols have been frequent and strict it has had an impact on being able to work together as a team.  Whilst remote work has been fine, an office space would be exempt from much of the UK lockdown restrictions meaning we can work together in a more focused way.

There are a few other features we would like to implement to support the game.  Things like an official website and again encompassed in our stretch goals we would like to create a companion app for deck building, registering games, collections etc.  We will have a more basic website in the coming months regardless, but going forward with the idea to get serious about competitive play, a higher degree of functionality would go a long way to support this area and give better functions players. 

Lastly in the spirit of creating a game for our whole community, our last stretch goal will be to release a version of Energy Empire in Braille.  We would love to be the first collectable card game to do this and seek to maximise the inclusion for players who otherwise might not get a chance to experience a competitive CCG.

Stretch Goals

The Valiant, Brave and Optimistic Team of Adventurers

David Billings – Creator, Your Host

 As I have written much of what you are about to read, throughout the project you will get a sense and feel of why I feel I am best placed to bring Energy Empire to life so, with that in mind I would like to differ attention to the worthy people below who have contributed so much time and effort to make Energy Empire a supremely unique, satisfying and high-quality experience.

Tyler Shaw – Game Designer, Maths Prodigy

 First and foremost my eldest son, but also in a very genuine sense a maths genius who regularly competes at a national level.  I taught Tyler to play strategy games at the age of five and he has been an avid CCG player for ten years including competitively.  With immense programming and logical skills and deep fundamental understanding of strategy games and a passion for chess.  Tyler has been the strongest critic of mechanics, wording, card loopholes and ensuring a diverse creative design.  He has also offered a much-needed perspective of a younger generation to keep Energy Empire fast, fluid and on the pulse.

James Cusick – Game Designer, Moral Compass 

An ironclad brother in arms and a fierce Magic player.  James has been an immovable rock throughout my life and career.  A well-travelled man with broad cultural knowledge.  Sporting expertise in accounting, engineering and having a formidable network at his disposal including many legal connections.  James has been steadfast in ensuring the project has remained realistic, grounded and ultimately achievable.

Rachel Craig –  Game Tester, Voice of Reason

Rachel is my highly significant other.  With a keen eye for design and presentation, she has added a much-needed woman’s touch to Energy Empire giving it a fuller more fleshed out feeling.  Rachel’s keen love for gothic fantasy has added some darker and richer flavours to the game enabling us to expand the Energy Empire universe vastly.  Also with a love for gaming in general, Rachel has offered valuable insight to the impressions of a new player in testing.

Mum – Unwittingly Game Tester, Mum / Nanny Skills

The matriarch where it all began.  My mother was the exciting spark which kindled my love for fantasy gaming as a very young boy.  An unforgiving playing card player, she has helped offer insight for what the older generation entering into the world of Energy Empire might encounter.  Things like text size, game clarity and good solid English have given Energy Empire a much more solid foundation.  There would be too much to say here for obvious reasons but Janet my awesome mum has supported in ways to plentiful to quantify.

Daniel Craig / Joseph Billings – Game Testers, Small Person Division

 My young sons are single handily responsible for some of the most inventive and outrageous card ideas I’d ever seen.  When creating Energy Empire I was so keen to ensure a younger audience could play and be captivated without compromising the more mature nature of the game for seasoned players.  This decision proved to be invaluable.  They were both already avid players of many board, card and strategy games but having their young unbiased minds breathed new creative freedom into the game.  Being taught by a ten-year-old that by not being able to play from the bottom of a deck halved a games strategy was as amusing as it was pure genius.

I am proud to be able to talk about the very special people mentioned above and have tried to convey just why they are not only uniquely qualified for the project we are about to present but, also why their love, care and attention is so important in bringing this dream to life.

I am very lucky that my long career (see bio) has prepared me for the not to be underestimated task ahead but also my family and friends are able and willing participants on this grand journey.

Whilst not directly connected to the project I would also just like to say a huge thank you before we continue to all the friends, family, professionals and guests who have donated their free time to Energy Empire and its team.

Energy Empire – Story… so far

The Story will continue…