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Things inspired by the perils of life


In a post racial society, getting prolonged in between life stages no one wants to talk about those perils, journals and cursive handwriting I create are inspired directly to help process and heal from the perils. 

Sometimes we get prolonged between life stages and don’t ever talk about it. Or stress, am I right.

 Journaling as an art as therapy activity in your own handwriting (and creating journals specifically for handwriting) opposed to typing on your blog can be a safe and healthy outlet to heal. You can control who sees your journal, unlike your blog. 

Although, typing also helps with development. According to a study conducted by University of Washington, handwriting helps more neurologically (Google, 2019).  

Life doesn‘t happen to us or we may not always end up on Page 6, however, creating your own cursive or handwriting in a journal, may help in assisting with those transitions. 

Research also shows that it helps with decompressing, stress management, and processing (Google, 2020). 

No one wants to end up faded and waded up disposed by society like they never ever existed and had a fair chance at life.  Instead cursive writing is an outlet and creatively made together by you makes it a tangible piece of your personal healing history. Creating the journal in a group and creating a few entries with prompts helps build community (Google, 2020).   

The concept is to have participants do cursive writing after creating a process journal in a demo of journal making where they can take a tangible piece of working history of their life’s journey.

 In advance we don’ t take for granted your funding. Once things are up and going you can come for fellowship and (workshop) or we can come to you. 


Journal recipient

 “Thank You so much to my friend for these… Thank you for these beautiful handcrafted journals. I have admired your work and the vibrant colors and messages you portray in your expression. These are various sizes and can be used for a myriad of purposes, or simply displayed to show off the pieces.”