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Encouraging children to learn about science through play with creative, informative and engaging, eccentric toys.



Are you interested in helping your children to learn about science, particularly anatomy, in a creative, informative and engaging way? 

As a trained medical doctor, clinical anatomist, research scientist and proud parent of a young daughter, I am driven to encourage my child to learn about science in a way that captivates her imagination whilst also transferring knowledge. 

The current toy market is flooded with products that offer little to no educational value with a captivating medium. So equipped with a prior professional background in design, 3D fabrication and multimedia, since paired with a medical school training and teaching history, I am now driven to provide parents with a new toy offering.

Become a part of a what will hopefully be a new era for children learning science.


The core product seeks to engage children to learn about science through play with creative, informative and engaging toys.

Presently 3D fabrication technologies will enable the essential Equine Écorché body to be created as a 24cm high full colour, matte finish model; with all the other accessories scaling accordingly.

If there is sufficient interest, the paired dissection kit (nearly 96cm wide), puzzle boxes and articulating mortuary diorama will also be produced and made available for purchase. The paired dissection kit and associated accessories will also be fabricated in scale to the main body; making the base of the mortuary diorama quite large. 

We are looking to optimise the manufacturing of these pieces to minimise costs whilst also maintaining a high level of build quality. Ultimately we want to provide you with a value for money quality product that your children or yourself can enjoy.

A soft silicon full colour edition of all models is also potential option; although at present production costs will prove unreasonable.

Current pricing is solely dependent on fabrication costs which are 99% of the purchase price. 

If we are able to obtain sufficient support further models will be produced.


Our family are creators. We are not looking to create an empire, make a porfit, nor soar forward with en masse produced, poor quality products. 

This toy was designed with a passion for our own daughter and we wanted to share that with other like minded people. The current production costs are purely representative of these toys being custom fabricated by hand with the latest 3D printing technologies.

Like all family’s we have had our struggles and we hope that perhaps with this initial toy we can begin to create quality educational products for children and adults with a twist.

This is the contents of the Equine Écorché – Essential Kit (in a digtal preview format). Purchasers of this reward will receive this custom, hand made toy at a 24cm high figure all the accessories pictured. Additional instructional anatomy cards explaining to your child about human anatomy are also included.
Part of the The Equine Écorché – Essential Kit, with the Viscera models from the Equine Écorché – Dissection Kit as a digital preview of a physical model.
Equine Écorché – Dissection Kit. (digital preview) of what will be a close to 96cm wide, articulating diorama with coloured puzzle boxes. Each coloured puzzle box has an internal mechansim whereby when the correct piece from the Ecorche mainbody is placed on top, the matching viscera will pop up. Viscera boxes also have additional anatomy instrictional cards not shown.

ALL MODELS ARE hand made with the latest 3D fabrication technologies. 99% of reward costs are strictly for manufacturing these custom toys.