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The DIY painter’s tape applicator, Easy to load, Use, Adjustable, Fast, Fun with Professional Results.



Introducing Ergo, the first of its kind painter’s tape applicator. Designed for the speedy and accurate application of painter’s tape.

Designed specifically to minimize your effort, time and frustration associated with painting.

During a home improvement paint project, it became apparent how time consuming and frustrating it was to apply painter’s tape. The process requires frequent attempts to apply each manageable length of tape in the straightest line possible and if not securely adhered; to later return and have to repeat this EVER INCREASING FRUSTRATING {insert your expletive here} TAPING PROCESS AGAIN and AGAIN…

Throughout the design process, precise considerations were given for ergonomics and functionality and after many months of designs, testing and prototypes, Ergo was created.

Ergo was designed to ensure perfect tape alignment for an accurate and secure tape adhesion the first time.

Ergo removes your taping frustration and takes your home improvement paint project to the next level.


  • Cutters gives the user the ability to cut the tape from either a push or pull of cutter handle for either left or right-handed.
  • Ergonomically design handle for comfortable grip and 180 degrees position in 45-degree increments (5 locking positions) for reduced fatigue and longer uses.
  • Tape Keeper holds the tape in place after its been cut so you can continue use without the tape re-rolling back onto tape spindle.
  • Single Tape Wheel with position pins to accommodate tapes from ½” to 2” in width.
  • Dual medium density rollers to ensure accurate and secure placement of tape.
Egro’s patent pending design make its easy to load tape from ½” to 2” in width.
For tapes from 1/2” to 2” wide, so you do not have to switch or have multiple tape dispensers.
Designed to ensure the alignment of the tape and 2 rollers, for fast and secure application of tape.
By reducing your tape application time, Ergo can make your paint project exciting and fun.
Clean paint lines and reduced over paint are the results we want from all paint jobs.