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Dec 26, 2020
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Feb 24, 2021

Hi! My name is Erick and I am creating a light novel with an interesting story!


Hello! I’m Erick Lecona (Better known as Erickson) And I am here to share the project of my Digital Book, This story is very important to me, Since I am a great lover of literature and light novels, so much so that for 5 years, I have wanted to create my own light novel and share it with the world, After studying literature on my own, I decided to create a digital book with a completely new story with unique characters, but the question here is… Why do I need so much money to finance this book? The answer is simple, this light novel will completely revolutionize the way you see light novels, this light novel, will contain a new history, Illustrations made by professionals, as well as being translated into 5 different languages! And it will also be exported to various parts of the world and… If this novel reaches the required money goal, The novel will be COMPLETELY FREE!!

My prose is simple, the novel is already written, but I need people in charge of the illustrations (There are 30 illustrations in total), staff to be in charge of the translation of the novel and hire staff to promote this novel internationally.

(PS: The cover you are looking at right now is just an old design from this novel, but I promise you all covers will be done by professional artists)