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Foldable hand size muslims prayer thats made from recycled materials.


In Arabic language the word Esjed is a verb that means Pray.The adjective of the verb Esjed is Sujood. In the Islamic religion people are obliged to make 17 Sujood 5 different times during each day, however the number of Sujood per day per person may raise to reach 30 per day. Furthermore, Sujood must be performed on a clean surface that’s why a clean rug, sheet or mattress is used during the act of Sujood.

There are 2 billion muslims wordwide who needs to make at least 5 prayers every single day. I have designed Esjed to help never miss a single prayer.

 If you are at the park ,driving all day or at the airport you just need to keep your 16 grams Esjed pouch with you to make sure that you have a clean spot to pray on. 

We have a tested final prototype , I am raising money to start productions.