$19 raised out of $135,000

Everblue helps eliminate all hard water problems without maintanance, sodium or any extra costs that water softeners have.


Hi! My name is Sal and I´m the inventor of Everblue. Everblue was created to eliminate all hard water problems.

It all started when we moved to our new home and our plumbing system was very damaged because of hard water, so I started doing research and found out that water softeners were the most used equipment to solve this problem but they´re very very expensive and all the other alternatives to water softeners were just not worth my time or money. And that´s when my 15 years experience in the manufacturing industry came through. For the past five years I´ve been testing and got to the right formulation for the ultimate water softener. This device is ecofriendly, it doesn´t use electricity. Everblue is 100% functional and will get the job done. 

With your help, this funds will be destined to the last part of equipment needed to start our production line. Everblue will help people stop spending on expensive equipment and get the same benefits at a much lower price.