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Start date
Nov 21, 2020
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Jan 20, 2021

Clothing Boutique store online


We started a company called Tristan Jacobson LLC, which is named after the owner herself. Yes it’s women owned! We currently sell womens apparel, lashes (a beauty product), and jewlery. The reason why we are asking for funding today is because we want to expand our business even bigger by adding mens, childrens and infants apparel and also add in footwear! We also need fundings to buy more inventory and add more products to our brand. Your reward for investing into our company will be getting a LIFE-TIME 30% OFF discount for everything we will be selling in our store! We also are needing funds to develop our upcoming app! Lots of people on our socials have requested we do an app and we truly believe that we will be increasing our sales off of the app! We also need funding for social media marketing and in-person marketing to increase the amount of people we can reach to see our store. We plan to hire a few employees to help our business run smoothly because once we have the funds to do everything that we plan to do we know everything will increase such as sales and our cutomer list, etc… so fundings for upcoming employees would be great!