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We can back Black Lives and Good Cops at the same time. I have designed a logo that embraces both. I call the project – Find the Good


This started as a simple design on a print on demand site and has turned into something more. I truly believe we can support the good cops, the heroes who work every single day to keep us safe while at the same time realizing there is a problem that stems from bad cops resulting in a disproportionate number of black people being killed or injured in police confrontations. We must do both. We must support the good and we must support Black Lives. As a black police officer told me, it is not dodgeball, we don’t have to pick a side. 

Find the Good – Do Both

Money raised by this project will go towards sublimation printers and supplies, blank T-shirts, and advertising. A simple website has been built, but a better one that truly helps get the message out is needed. I want to be able to create a full line of these items, everything from T-shirts to bumper stickers.

I strongly believe in both these issues. I have nothing but respect for the cops who do their job correctly day after day and for anyone fighting to make the world a better place. This is about the movements. It is not about any organization. It is about the people involved and affected. Thank you for reading this.