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2 in 1 teleprompter. Put the teleprompter in front of your camera, or transform into a presidential teleprompter (for live audiences).


Meet Richard and Recky from Prompt-it®

We have been working in the video production industry since 2003, when we created our successful production company, Digital Video Experts.

Recky & Richard (RnR)

In 2008, we needed a teleprompter, but were shocked at the price of over one thousand dollars for badly designed teleprompters, which were complicated to set up. So we built one ourselves. It had to be light, portable, easy to set up and affordable. 

So, in 2009, Prompt-it® was born, and the Prompt-it® Maxi was launched, fully funded by our own savings. It was a success: the first portable teleprompter priced under AU$300. A world first!

We’re in beautiful Sydney, Australia

Prompt-it® Teleprompters is an Australia brand, based in Kingsgrove, Sydney. We (Recky and Richard) are proud Australians who love Sydney and everything Australian, from the land, beer, mates, roos, possums and everything in between. 

Beautiful Sydney, home of Prompt-it® Teleprompters.

We innovate again: first in the world 2-in-1 teleprompter

Over the last few years, people have asked us if they could use the Prompt-it® Maxi teleprompter in front of an audience, as well as in front of a camera. The answer was no, every time. 

So we decided that it was about time someone designed a teleprompter that could do both: camera presentations and audience presentations. There must be a way, so we jumped into design mode again.

The brief was:

Simple, portable, no tools required, set up in under 2 minutes, 2 configurations (camera or audience). And… a trendy carry case.

 It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 

Richard shows you how to take the Prompt-it® Flex from the Camera configuration to the Audience configuration in a few easy steps:

Fits any tripod or stand

We have designed the Prompt-it® Flex so it can be fitted on any consumer and/or professional tripod and/or stand with a 1/4″ screw thread (this is the standard size that they all have). The typical setup is as shown in the above video: the Prompt-it® Flex on a stand in front of the camera on a tripod. It’s the easiest and most convenient set up and will get you started within minutes: simple, no tools, 2 minutes.

What’s in the kit

The Prompt-it® Flex kit includes:

  • Adjustable tray (holds tablet up to 31.5cm)
  • Removable solid anodised aluminium back clip (to clip tray to stand in ‘audience config’)
  • 30/70 Beamsplitter glass
  • Easy-fit magnetised glare cover (includes 1x rigid lens hole 85mm diameter as well as a magnetised easy-clip soft cover for larger lenses and/or matt boxes)
  • Stylish carry case
  • Prompt-it® Glass cleaning kit (so cute, it comes with its own little microfibre squeegee, we love it!!)
  • Outstanding customer service… you’ll know when you’ve been hit by the ‘smooth operators’ 😉

Please note: our kit does not include a stand/tripod/tablet or the teleprompter app. 

The CAMERA configuration

In its camera configuration, the Prompt-it® FLEX displays your script using a tablet (e.g. iPad) in front of the camera lens, so people watching the video don’t see your eyes looking off-camera at the script. You are guaranteed to maintain eye contact with the camera lens (your viewers) at all times. The camera films through a special piece of reflective glass, which doesn’t affect the quality of the video. This way, you don’t need to memorise your script.  

Prompt-it® FLEX in camera configuration. Shown without the camera and glare cover. iPad shown for illustrative purposes.
Prompt-it® Flex in camera configuration with iPad, shown without glare cover (iPad/camera/stand shown for illustrative purposes.).

The AUDIENCE configuration

In its Audience configuration, the Prompt-it® FLEX has the base separated from the glass. The glass is fixed to the top of the stand, whilst the base holding your tablet (e.g. iPad) is fixed at the bottom of the the stand. The stand is placed between you and your audience, and you can read the script off the glass. The audience does not see the text, but the presenter (you) sees the text clearly. 

Prompt-it® FLEX front view with an iPad (iPad/camera/stand shown for illustrative purposes).
Prompt-it® FLEX left side view with iPad (iPad/camera/stand shown for illustrative purposes).
Glass attaches to the stand very easily (stand shown for illustrative purposes).
The base holder with quick release clamp attaches to the lower part of your stand (stand shown for illustrative purposes).
In Audience configuration, you can deliver to a live audience and only you will see the text.

Double up: two Prompt-it® Flex in Audience configuration

When you have two Prompt-it® Flex setup in Audience configuration, to the right and left of you, you will be able to move your head from right to left, reading the same scrolling script. This makes it even more natural, and is the preferred setup when high level speakers present.

This dual setup requires two tablets (e.g. iPads) that are synchronised so the text scrolls on both at the same time. Many teleprompter apps now support this and provide excellent reliability and timing precision.

In the below image, where the presenter has a dual setup, you can see that the two Prompt-it® Flex have a minimal footprint and the audience will very quickly stop noticing they are even there, as they listen to your flawless speech! 

The Prompt-it® Flex has a minimal footprint in front of the presenter, and the audience cannot see the text (stands shown for illustrative purposes).

Design history of FLEX.

We have been working on this product for over 2 years, since May 2018.

First design in September 2018.
Update design in October 2018.
The first unit, created from the manufactured mould
Clamp and the quick release button.

The carry case

The only part that is not quite finalised yet is the carry case. But rest assured, the design is well underway and we are waiting for a samples from the manufacturer so we can show you!

We have spent a non-trivial amount of time designing a case that just looks stunning, that you would be proud to have with you in a corporate environment.

The carry case had to be practical. Richard was adamant about this: “Some people will use the Flex in audience configuration most of the time, so the carry bag must allow them to store it in that configuration. Likewise, some people will use the Flex in camera configuration most of the time, so they must be able to store it in that configuration. It’s easier and faster to setup. Both configurations, same carry case!”

And that was just for starters. Richard was also adamant about this: “Some people will want to double up and use two Prompt-it® Flex for their audience presentations, so they shouldn’t have to carry two separate cases. The cases must be able to join easily, to make it easier for our customers.”

Prompt-it® Flex carry case concept design.

So we spent extra time designing a top class carry case:

  • Easily clip two bags together using magnets;
  • Store your Flex in either configuration, for easier & quicker setup;
  • EVA shells on the front and back, for perfect protection;
  • Soft sleeve to insert your glass for perfect protection;
  • Separate area to store the quick release clamp;
  • Comfortable handles;
  • Beautiful corporate & trendy design, so it makes you look good.
The carry case concept design.

And now, more GOOD NEWS:  we are ready to mass produce

As explained in our video, we have invested everything into the design and preparation for the launch of the Prompt-it® Flex. The designs are finalised, the moulds have been made and paid for (with our own savings) and we are REARING to go!!!

Yep, we have a finished product which is now ready to be mass produced, all we need is your help to get the pre-orders.

No delays when our campaign succeeds

The fact that we have done all of the design, moulding and prep work, means that once we reach our goal with your help, we will simply need to give the go-ahead to start mass manufacturing. This should not take long at all.

We will reward you

It’s quite easy really, since this is the only 2-in-1 in the world, Prompt-it® Flex needs to be in your kit as your preferred teleprompter! Back us, and you will be the first in the world to get your hands on the Prompt-it® FLEX, within weeks of our Kickstarter goal being achieved. 

For our backers, we have great rewards with outstanding pricing which will only be available during this campaign. 

Stop hesitating… Start presenting

So why wait! Get in there and back us up. Stop hesitating!

With love, from Richard & Recky, Prompt-it® Teleprompters Founders