$742 raised out of $100,000
Start date
Oct 06, 2020
Close date
Nov 28, 2020

To keep the modern day pedestrians safe, I’m developing light reflective phone cases.


I’m raising funds to be able to produce the first 5000 iPhone cases (will also produce for androids later on), with a highly reflective backside. I care about this project because it actually can save lifes in traffic. Everywhere I look I can see, especially youths and young adults starring in their mobile device, even close to and crossing the street. My plan is to sell this through retailers here in Sweden, for start, my upcoming website, and platforms with e-commerce. Also I am going to contact schools, insurance companies etc. who can see this as helpful in their work towards safety. 

The idea was to develop something that almost everyone can use, and carry where ever they go. And almost everyone these days, has a smart phone, which this product will work for. My goal is to make it “cool” to carry a reflex. Today it’s almost the opposite, especially if you ask the kids.