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A new and improved sanitizing station for your feet. Keep bacteria and viruses out of your spaces.


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 Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read through our lines! We really appreciate the effort you make and the interest you show towards our product.

We´re QUETZAL VALLEY, dedicated to create innovative ideas to try to help make your life more bearable and easy-going.

We consider ourselves as an ongoing team, commited with each other, working on making the world a more simple and secure place. The team´s headquarters are located in Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We began our journey with this product back in mid-2019.

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An innovative sanitizing station for your feet! Nothing like having a clean environment.  

It´s actually real simple to use, we needed it to be this way for your comfort. It works by standing on it for 7 seconds; after the first 2 seconds after the motion sensors detect both of your feet on the station, they send an internal signal to light up the UV lights, while at the same time, organic liquid sanitizer in the form of vapor is released from 5 ultrasonic membranes, covering the entirety of your shoes, easy and simple process to help your shoes be clean. 

Piece by piece!

Have you ever dedicated a little time to think about ourselves sharing time and space along with viruses and bacteria living among us? Have you ever stopped to even worse, think about yourself as an unconscious carrier of these microorganisms by simply using your feet?

FOG is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art technological artifact that helps with sanitizing your entire shoes, top-to-bottom! Aiding with having a clean environment. 

FOG has been created from scratch, carefully tested and meticulously crafted; while thinking about our loved ones, colleagues, peers and simply, people.

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We´ve recently gone, and still are going through difficult times worldwide, mostly because of virus and bacteria, but also, because we are not well protected against it.

Being the only one in its type in today’s market, FOG assists in disinfecting your shoes by using a combination of two great sanitizing methods available to us; ultraviolet light at its correct dosage, and liquid organic-based disinfectant.

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“Growing up with several serious diseases caused by pathogens was no piece of cake; so after a few years of having to cope with this, I got to thinking about a way to help the environment be a safer place regarding germs, virus, bacterias, pathogens by all means, it came to mind that one of the most important carriers of this microorganisms are our feet, since we are literally on them all day, back and forth.”  

Mario Aranda

It was difficult to come up with a way to cover your entire feet , and yes, there are and there have been many sanitizing mats and uv stations out there in the market, but we saw that they only cover the sole of your shoe, not the entire shoe. So we thought of creating a station, which would cover the totality of both shoes at once, while protecting the shoes materials at the same time, that´s the reason why our liquid sanitizer is not alcohol but organic-based.

After great consideration, a great deal of research, and investigation of raw materials that are friendly with the environment we came up with FOG. 

Research and investigation have been made, as well as tests for efficiency. This is how we came up with and made a small comparison chart about FOG in relation to other products on today´s market.

After all this information, you might be asking yourself, is UV Light effective? 

Here is some FDA info that might answer this question. 

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Here´s another interesting article/study by Science Direct regarding UVC.

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