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A heavy duty smart fan using computer vision that automatically rotates to stay pointed at you.


Few improvements have been made to fans since the oscillating fan was invented over 100 years ago. We are here to change that.

We have developed the world’s first person tracking fan that utilizes computer vision to always keep the fan pointed at you. Gone are the days of repositioning your fan when you move or restricting your movements to stay in the fan’s breeze. 

Multiple Modes  

Following Fan has three modes the user can select: stationary, oscillation, and following. 

 Person tracking 

Following mode is the first of its kind and uses our patent pending technology to detect the user and rotate the fan to stay pointed at them.

Sturdy construction

Following Fan is built to be durable, with aluminum blades and a steel frame to handle a variety of heavy duty environments such as garages, gyms, and warehouses.

 Smart sleeping 

To save energy, the fan motor is automatically put to sleep when no one is around while in following mode. When a person returns, the fan will detect them and quickly wake up and continue operation.


Following Fan is designed with privacy in mind. To eliminate any breaches of privacy, we built Following Fan without a wireless connection. This also enables the fan to be simple and easy to use.

  •  Blade Diameter: 20 inches (50.8 cm)
  •  Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
  •  Blade Material: Aluminum
  •  Frame Material: Steel
  •  Fan Speeds: Low, Medium, High
  •  Modes: Stationary, Oscillation, Tracking
  •  Range of Motion: 135 degrees 

Following Fan works by sensing the environment with a camera integrated into the center of the fan grill. A powerful integrated computer processes the video stream and detects the locations of people using a computer vision algorithm running in real time. The person closest to the fan is selected to be tracked and instructions are sent to the motor to point the fan in their direction.

Nate Oelke and AJ Sakher are the developers of Following Fan. They first met while studying at the University of Minnesota and quickly became friends over mutual interests in computer science, robotics, and engineering.

The idea for Following Fan came about during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the gyms shut down, Nate created a home gym in his garage and quickly discovered that the stagnant air and lack of A/C made lifting nearly unbearable during the summer. An old fan provided some much needed air flow, but constantly repositioning the fan when moving throughout the garage was inefficient and frustrating.

After several weeks of intense summer heat, Nate and AJ had an epiphany: build a robotic fan that uses computer vision to track the user’s position and a motor to rotate the fan to stay pointed at them. They quickly built a prototype to validate the idea and it ended up solving the problem perfectly. After building more advanced prototypes and refining their invention, they are ready to share Following Fan with the world. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you will love your Following Fan, so we are putting our money where our mouth is. If you are unhappy with your Following Fan for any reason, you can return it within 30 days of receiving it and get your money back.

1 Year Warranty Coverage

If your Following Fan stops working due to a design or manufacturing issue within the first year, we will replace it at no cost to you.

All relevant taxes are included in the Kickstarter price. Also, please understand that we are currently only shipping to backers in the United States. We are sorry if this affects you. We plan to eventually expand our capabilities and ship to other countries around the world after the Kickstarter.

  •  June 2020 – Following Fan conception
  •  July 2020 – Early proof-of-concept finished
  •  August 2020 – Second prototype finished
  •  October 2020 – Final prototype finished
  •  November 2020 – Kickstarter launched
  •  January 2021 – Order Components, Prepare for Production
  •  April 2021 – Begin Assembly
  •  June 2021 – Ship!

 Please send media inquires to contact@thefollowingfan.com