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Role-play with friends to protect the lives of your voyaging crewmates aboard custom, tile-built starships – explore, survive, thrive!


If you’re someone who enjoys tabletop roleplaying and is looking for a totally fresh but equally emergent and immersive experience, Forgotten Suns is for you.

The Forgotten Suns game system is the first of its kind. It’s been beta-tested several times with tabletop veterans and refined with their feedback, and all say it is fun and unique.

I’m a passionate fan of science fiction, and while I have encountered several sci-fi conversions of the same basic adventuring and combat system, I never really found one that captures the reliance on a group’s environment that is a reality of space travel.

Forgotten Suns was influenced by TV like Star Trek and The Expanse, and games like Oxygen Not Included and FTL.

Forgotten Suns began as a few homebrew concept sketches and grew into a sprawling, self-standing project. With your help I can grow my operation and we’ll launch to high orbit and beyond!

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