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A watch inspired by the world of mystery novels featuring a dial with floating hands


“Fictions” is a new capsule collection that immerses us in inspiring universes of literary genres, embodied by horological creations. The Fiction One is the first edition of the series and is inspired by the mystery novel.

Twists, turns and whodunnits, the works of this multifaceted genre share one common trait: mystery. The Fiction One puts this feature literally at the heart of its design by using a mystery dial, revealing a surprising way to display the time.

The style of the watch is loyal to the brand’s DNA, with the addition of a touch of British elegance borrowed from the charismatic heroes of the genre’s timeless classics.

Furthermore, the design echoes the increasing complexity in characters and intrigues found in modern fiction by applying a “smoke-screen” pattern on the dial.

The Fiction One will be available in two versions: The Dark Side with a smoked black dial with vintage lume hands and the Bright Side with smoked white with aqua lume hands.

The key feature of the Fugue Fiction One is its levitating hands which have been chosen to embody the mystery at the heart of this genre of fiction. An invisible force allows them to float mid-air and defy the laws of gravity. This eye-catching detail tickles the mind like only the best enigmas in the genre.

The father of this invention is Jean- Eugène Robert Houdin, a French watchmaker born in Blois in 1805. Passionate about magic, he created a clock with hidden gears. He was praised for his spirit of innovation and ingenuity.

Today we pay tribute to this watchmaking heritage by reinterpreting this concept in the Fugue Fiction One

 Design features

  •  Mystery Dial
  •  Superluminova phosphorescent hands and minute wheel dots
  •  Frosted finished dial with smoked gradient
  •  Polished / brushed case
  • Veal leather strap with creased edges 

Technical features

  • Hour and minute Swiss Made automatic movement
  •  Sellita SW200 élaboré benefiting from better adjustment (see table below)
  •  Sapphire glass on top / K1 sapphire treated exhibition caseback
  • Tested water resistance to 50 meters 
  •  38mm diameter (excluding crown) / 18mm lug width / 45.8mm lug-to-lug

The Fiction One embodies Fugue’s design ethos: creating something different but not too extravagant whilst paying tribute to watchmaking heritage. Marc Tran, head designer at Fugue, continues to build on this philosophy to create a consistent product DNA. Certain elements have become characteristic and define the brand’s signature: half-circle shapes on the dial that form parentheses, the case profile and the dagger-shaped indices.

Fugue has taken the important decision to assemble its own watches in-house, in Paris, France. With a new set of technical skills acquired by its founder, who trained to become a watchmaker, the brand is now able to commit to local and qualitative values. The assembly relies on components provided by trusted suppliers, who have been partners of Fugue since the start, like Sellita in Switzerland for its automatic movement.

The Fiction One is part of a capsule collection and will only be the subject of one production run of 610 pieces. The pre-order campaign allows us to sell directly to you without any middle-man, we are able to offer this new watch at a fraction of what the retail price would be at 695€.  

The packaging is obviously inspired by literature and includes a very special bookmark with a quote and information on the watch.

Fugue was founded in late 2017 in Paris, France. Literally meaning “Escape” in French, Fugue focuses on a very contemporary interpretation of time, and how it is measured. It suggests considering a watch as a real “keeper of time”. The “Escape” refers to the elusive aspect of time and the beauty of the moment. By doing so, Fugue gives the watch a very emotional role and invites everyone to enjoy a moment of escapism by putting time in parentheses.

Founder Leopoldo Celi decided to switch careers to his long-time passion: watchmaking. He started as a collector and became a trained watchmaker. After meeting Marc Tran, who was a designer for Jaguar and Etude de Style (HYT, Moser, Harry Winston) they decided to bring a new creation to life. Fugue watches stand out thanks to an inspired design which gives character and soul to such a cherished object. Manuel Jacob joined the team for the launch of the brand’s first model, the Chronostase, which featured a groundbreaking interchangeable modular case. Manuel specializes in sales and distribution, and was formerly General Manager of Zenith in France and of the Dubail boutique on the Champs-Elysées. He has developed the brand’s distribution in the most prestigious points of sale in France as well as abroad thanks to an e-shop that delivers to 72 countries worldwide.

Fugue strongly believes in being committed to causes that reflect its values. The brand aims to promote design through traditional watchmaking and spread knowledge on the subject to eventually give birth to new passions.

Literature certainly promotes “escapism”, echoing the brand’s name, (Fugue being the French word for “escape”), but it also embodies culture, knowledge and transmission. These principles are dear to Fugue in its mission to democratize watchmaking.

As a result, the brand has decided to partner with the NGO Libraries Without Borders. Its goal is to spread knowledge to populations who are deprived of it, and who may one day be interested in watchmaking.

In order to support this cause, up to 4% of revenues generated from sales of the Fugue Fiction One will fund Libraries Without Borders projects.

More information about Libraries Without Borders at :


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