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6 axis versatile USB throttle quadrant for PC flight simulation.

CAD drawing of the Fulcrum One Throttle

 The Fulcrum One Throttle Quadrant is a 6 axis USB throttle for PC flight simulation. It is a follow up product to the Fulcrum One Yoke which has been very well received from both enthusiast flight simmers and real world pilots. 

The key features are:

  • 6 analogue axis levers each with a reverse/cutoff detent.
  • Non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis as per our yoke.
  • 6 two way momentary rocker switches.
  • Adjustable angle of desktop mounting the lever action to allow for different aircraft types.
  • Interchangeable lever tops for different aircraft type.
  • Metal construction.
  • Realistic and smooth system for lever tensioning based on real aircraft mechanisms.

We are a small UK based company that has grown a worldwide customer base who appreciate our customer service, attention to detail and quality product.

Our yoke was designed to be the most realistic desktop yoke available and also to be relatively affordable for the enthusiast sim market. Demand from our customers has been high and has now turned to asking if we were making a throttle and rudder pedals. The answer to these questions is yes and hopefully many more products! 

Early prototype Fulcrum One Throttle

Next Steps

We already have the design completed and a proof of concept prototype. The next stage is production testing which involves a full production spec throttle to be manufactured. Test fit and evaluation will follow that and after any adjustments, another production test sample will be produced. If this meets our approval then it will be signed off and main production will start.

Assembly and testing will take place at our premises to ensure we maintain control over the quality and feel of the finished product.

Our products come with 2 years of warranty for defects from parts and we offer lifetime support beyond that.

Unlike the yoke which was funded internally, we decided that Kickstarter would be a better way to move forward. As a small company it is difficult to meet the cost of developing a new mechanical and electronic product. Moving from prototype to production in a reasonable time frame takes solid backing and a great plan so by backing us on Kickstarter you are directly helping our company to grow and bring this much asked for product to market.

Design and concept

Sticking to our existing design principles, we wanted to create a high quality throttle system that offers the same versatility, quality and realistic feel that comes with our yoke.

Realistic lever tension mechanism, metal levers and interchangeable tops with our unique adjustable mount means you can more closely emulate the lever movement of different aircraft types. 

The throttle comes with a full set of twin prop coloured tops and also a set of white tops for use in jets. In future developments we will also be looking at flap and speed brake tops for them as an add on item. 

Adjustment wheel for lever friction.
CAD illustrating interchangeable lever tops
CAD drawings shows jet style throttle tops and forward/back orientation of the levers for airliner use.

 Each lever has a reverse or cut-off detent at the bottom of its range. This functions as a switch and remains pressed while the lever is in the detent position. 

CAD drawing of reverse/Cut off Detents on each lever.

Like our yoke, the throttle is based on our own electronics and will plug into any computer that accepts USB HID controllers. This means that any popular pc flight simulator will accept it, even on Linux and Mac and does not require any extra drivers.

Windows game controller screen showing 6 axis and 18 buttons (12 from the rockers switches and 6 from the lever detents).

GMR sensors are a completely contactless way of measuring rotational position, similar to hall sensors, but are much more accurate. The sensors are paired with our in house control board and both are already proven in our yoke.

The lever input is geared when driving the magnet and sensor to ensure that the full range of resolution is used over the lever motion to give maximum accuracy and sensitivity.

CAD drawing showing the lever and gearing that drives the GMR magnetic sensor.
Our proven 6 axis controller that is used in our products.


In addition to our throttle, we also have Fulcrum branded mugs available for our first reward tier. They can also be added on to any other pledge.

Why not compliment your sim session with a brew!

  • Ceramic mug with wrap around logo and gloss finish
  • 350ml(12floz)
  • Individually boxed and shipped separately to any other reward.
Fulcrum Simulator Controls mug.