$10,266 raised out of $100,000

An epic holiday film for the ages.


Full Moon Christmas is a live action full length feature film. An action packed suspense thriller about a young elf that stows-away on Santas proverbial Christmas trip. Quickly it spirals into disaster, when a crash landing leaves the reign deer in a trail of carnage and a small town at the mercy of a raging beast. What happens next is a rising set of action and conflict between the town, a small girl and two ancient magical alphas that clash in an explosive and epic climax for the ages.

We’ve invested our own money to produce a film the likes the world has never seen. We started shooting an amazing script and need your help to complete the experience you deserve. 

Your backing will alloy us complete creative control of dialogue, character and story without having to bend the knee to a studio. Below are many ways to participate. When you back the film, you get to unlock rewards.

Introducing Chalet Lizette Brannan

Chalet Lizette Brannan – is a teen actress that beat Leukemia at age 10. Chalet is an Official Ambassador for Along Comes Hope which is a worldwide charity for children suffering cancer and other major illnesses. She started her career by making a PSA for Walt Disney World entitled “Saving A Manatee” at Animal Kingdom. From there she has progressed and has filmed all genres. She was stricken with cancer at the age of 10 but has survived and has beat this life threatening illness. Ms. Brannan regularly visits children in Hospitals and has been on major talk shows to help children deal and fight cancer. She kept pursuing her dream in acting and singing and has amassed many nominations and awards in her short career thus far. Recently winning “Best Young Actress” from the Young Artist Academy and the coveted Humanitarian Award, she is a shining example of what an actress and a child can do to overcome obstacles in their life. Her hope is that through her work, others can see that you can find that light at the end of the tunnel and come out on the other side triumphantly. See Chalet on IMDb imdb.me/chaletlizettebrannan

Daniel Baldwin

2019  Best Actor –  Chautauqua International Film Festival –  Making a Deal with the Devil

2017 Best Supporting Performance – Orlando Film Festival –  Anabolic Life

2016 Outstanding Cast Performance – Action on Film Festival –  The Red Maple Leaf

2015  Best Actor- Back in the Box, California –  in a Supporting Role

2014 Best Actor – Burbank Int. Film Festival –  The Wisdom to Know the Difference

Robert Miano

Robert Miano was born in New York City and raised in the South East Bronx around when Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berraplayed for the New York Yankees. In school, Robert joined the Glee Club and realized that he had a gift for singing. At the age of 15, he started his showbiz career when a talent agent heard him singing with a Du-op Group on a Bronx street corner. This lead to a recording of “Kingdom Of Love” by the Preludes on the Cub Label, a new subsidiary of MGM Records. Today “Kingdom Of Love” is a collector’s item and is still being played on the “Oldies but Goodies” Radio Station in New York. Through the years, Robert continued to make records and ultimately became a Columbia Recording Artist.

James Duval

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1972. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1974. He attended Gladstone High School in Covina, California from 1986 to 1989 as well attending Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, and Fair Valley in Covina. Although he was trained as a classical pianist as a child he eventually moved to the guitar. He used to play for “Antoneus Maximus & The Nuthouze Band” who had been playing gigs at local venues in Los Angeles. 2004 saw them working on their 1st album which included guest appearances by such luminaries as ‘Apl.de.Ap’, ‘DjMotiv8’ and ‘Dante Santiago’ from “Black Eyed Peas” as well as ‘Kid’ (Chris) from “Kid’N’Play”. He practices/teaches Hatha Yoga in between films and now plays Guitar/Piano and sings in the band “Gene Wilder” with friends and fellow actors “Brian McGuire” and Brett Roberts”.

Where does the money go?

Production Plan

a) Packaging: During this stage, the Company will “package” the pilot (i.e., attach actors, directors, key production person-nel and other talent)

b) Pre-Production: During this period (twelve weeks prior to production), the Company will hire crew; a locations scout to secure the locations; secure rentals i.e camera and lighting packages; prepare shooting schedules; etc. At this time, all actors will be cast and finalized for the pilot.

c) Production: The principle photography will be shot. After production, all scenes will be completed or “in the can”.

d) Post-Production: During this period (3-4 months), the director and editor will select the best “takes” of the various scenes and edit/assembly the entire pilot. Music will be acquired or composed, recorded and added to the pilot. A CGI and sound team will apply the finishing touches for color, sound mixing and ”titles” sequences.

Meet the Producers

Edward Amaral – ( Executive Producer / Director / Writer) Founder of Amaral Creative Pictures and Spike Pillow, (an independent  production company), is a writer, director and producer of film. A visual story teller and designer, his studies in film, photography, literature, art and the humanities, combined with 19 years as a designer, has lead to a highly developed sensibility and aesthetic in film. Edward wrote directed and produced his first short film “Feeder” and shot it in a single take. He was hooked. Bitten by the film bug, Edward collaborated with talented artists, creative directors and art directors to write direct and produce his second short film, “Parent Over Shoulder” and later, a hand drawn animated film, “Destroyer”, which he also wrote directed and produced. This ensnared his imagination and passion for film. In 2010 Edward completed his first full length feature script “The one eyed sailor who loved a whore” and in 2013 wrote his second, “Nokturnal Bliss”. Edwards most recent projects written for the screen; “Full Moon Christmas”, an epic holiday horror film for the ages, co-written with Anthony Aranda; “Ghost Fall”, a dark urban tale about youth gangs that exploit the super natural and most recent, “Darth Preyer” a Star Wars fan film which he wrote, directed and produced. Edward Amaral has a back ground in marketing communication, advertising and design. Edward believes film is the ultimate art form that combines all art forms. See Ed on IMDb. imdb.me/amaralcreative

Richard A Fisher –  ( Co – Executive Producer / Actor ): A Partner of Amaral Creative Pictures, an expert in business development and sales. Richard is no stranger to film. An actor model and all around film enthusiast, Richard has held multiple roles in both television and film. He spent his early years landing roles as a model for reputable  brands, like “Pacific Sun”, suits and clothing wear, “Wrangler” and “Stockman” western rodeo association, for live events. Richard played the role of the great native American chief, “Cochise”, in the long time popular TV series “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”, starring Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn, Joe Lando as Sully and Larry Sellers as Cloud Dancing. He scored the role of “The Columbian Drug Runner” in “The Runner” as well as “The Good Looking Long Haired  Cowboy” by “The Clementines”, a country western video, shot at “Cowboy & Western bar Incahoots”. His passion for film transcends far past his abilities and experiences on the set. Richard brings over twenty years of high level business negotiations within the social and economic con-struct. This enables his ability to navigate the multiple complexities of the marketing and business relations landscapes as it pertains to film development and producing. Richard can be found on IMDb

Anthony Aranda – ( Writer ): is a film maker, an educator, a philosopher and an inept visual thinker with a bachelors degree in business administrations. Anthony grew up creating short films with a camcorder and a group of friends. He continued his film studies in school, where cultivating a concept and creating a movie from start to finish was the task of the week but for Anthony, it was the seed that would eventually spark the desire to entertain the masses. Anthony is a writer on the full length feature film “Full Moon Christmas”.

Allocation of Funds


(will begin immediately after funded) – approximately 12 weeks – establishing all production logistics in-cluding:

Shoot schedule Budgeting

Preparing legal Begin press releases

Finish SAG processing Complete any necessary script changes

Continue casting and developing shooting schedule for talent

Finalize production permits and insurance as necessary

City permits

Lock in rental(s) and insurance agreements

Offer, negotiate and close agreements with crew members

Closing agreements with Talent

Any necessary story boarding

Setting up the production office

Create word about the project; press, publicist, website traffic, etc.

Location scouting and nail down locations

Finalize the shooting schedule

Order anything needed as necessary (equipment, rentals, materials, etc.)

Put together set design/set construction

Prop Rentals Costumes

Set Design

Finalize any other item needed to prepare for the production

Begin music soundtrack licensing


(principal photography) – approximately 5 weeks

Cast Production crew

Food Catering

Trailer rentals (if necessary)

Production rentals

Equipment rentals Lights / Cameras / Dolly’s / Crane etc.

Finish all piloting aspects

Keeping the advertising, marketing, press releases efforts going

Begin editing

Making any necessary adjustments to complete the production

Stunts (stunt men)

Begin elements of post-production



Finish editing Digital, CGI, Mixing, Color Grading

Finish soundtrack, license, any necessary recordings, create album and other sound necessities

Anything the distributor will need will be prepared, finalized and delivered to press releases, advertising and other marketing avenues will continue

Any materials that the distributor requires for marketing will be created and delivered