$1 raised out of $135,300

Small Electric Competition Vehicle, suitable for children from 5 to 9 years. Can also be used by children with walking difficulties.


The “FUNBOARD M-2” is a small electric competition vehicle, which uses a specially modified hoverboard, with external battery, which can reach a maximum speed of 24 Km/h. It is suitable for all children from 5 to 9 years old, including children with walking difficulties. This is thanks to the driving style totally with levers, which does not involve the use of the legs while driving. The fundraising for this project will serve the industrial production of the product and marketing. Part of the funds raised will also be used to create a “social life” for the product, which provides for the organization of events, competitions and championships dedicated to all the children who will purchase the “Funboard M2”.

Product that guarantees the total safety of the child while driving, thanks to the compact but flexible hull, which protects the driver from possible knocks. Chassis/ hoverboard and front wheel fixing straps, specially designed for use during competitions, and which guarantee greater fixing and less wear.

During the year 2019, some “Funboard M2” prototypes (handcrafted by me) were presented at the “MAKER FAIRE ROME EUROPEAN EDITION”.

Also in the year 2019, I made the first two experimental competitions dedicated to the “FUNBOARD M2”, at the first dedicated circuit, called “FUNBOARD TRACK”, located in the city of MONZA (Italy). Local journalists and TV programs were interested in the “FUNBOARD M2” competitions I made.

Simple but fun product with small dimensions: the “Funboard M2” can in fact be carried in the trunk of a city car.