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G- flash sterilizes your surroundings and personal items 24/7 effectively.



Nowadays, different kinds of germ are surrounding us. Wherever you breathe, you sense and you touch.

G-Flash is the world ‘s smallest multi-purpose air purifier and sanitizer that embraced Plasma, UVC, Ozone  technologies and copper hygiene touch. As a hygiene kit, it helps you clean the surrounding air and sterilize personal items.

Disclaimer: This product does NOT claim to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition.

3 sanitizing technologies in one device

The reason why G-Flash has combined three sanitizing technologies is because none of these technologies is prefect. But they can be work in a complementary way and make it better than ever.

Plasma Sanitizer

Just wear G-flash around your neck and switch on.  Unlike traditional ionizer, It releases both positive and negative ions to the surroundings. The ion plasma technology has been well used for commercial and domestic air purifier but they are usually non-portable desktop size. We have miniaturized it , make it portable and wearable.

UVC & Ozone Sterilizer

Most UVC sanitizers on the market offers one UVC LED, G-flash is equipped with 3 UVC and 7 UVA LED. With 3 UVC LED we can increase the light coverage and eliminate any shadow zone, G-flash can effectively sterilize your personal belonging such as  face mask, phone, earbuds, earring, cosmetic brushes, cutlery or tableware etc.

Odor Remover

Removes odor with Ozone in enclosed space such as refrigerator, kitchen cabinet, and shoe cabinet and under the sink. Researches show with the present of Ozone, food in refrigerator can preserve for a longer period. 

Hygiene Hand

It allows you to avoid direct contact with public areas such as the doorbell, buttons in ATM, and elevator and minimize the chance of infection. Besides, we deliberately use pure copper in our design because is it well known that germs will disintegrate on copper surface.

Tests with 3M Petrifilm

G-Flash and G-Flash Mini had gone through rigorous bacteria tests using 3M™ petrifilm™  to make sure they work as expected. 

Make your own sanitizer bag/box

G-Flash can also be put into a bag or a box, to sterilizer personal items in a pre-program 15 minutes process.

You can make use of any sandwiches bag/cosmetic bag and turn them into a sterilizing enclosure. Any items inside the bag/box/ drawer can be sanitized by UV light as well as by ozone gases.

Compact & portable

This is a must hygiene kit you should carry every day it is slim and portable to carry around.

G-Flash is compact, even a child and elder can handle it.

Easy to use

Use one button to switch the different mode of operations

  • Plasma sanitizer. Blue.
  • UV or ozone Sterilizer. Purple. 
  • Odor Remover. Green.

Long life span

G-Flash is a 4-in-1 device. Battery charging time is less than 1 hr.

  • Plasma mode can operate up to 18 hrs. 
  • UV/Ozone mode can operate 20 times.  
  • Ozone mode can operate up to 3-5 days. 

G-Flash Mini is a 3-in-1 device. Battery charging time is about 1 hr.

  • Plasma mode can operate up to 18 hrs. 
  • UV mode can operate 30 times/per charge.  

Safety mechanism

It has a  built-in electronic lock to avoid mistakenly turning on UVC and Ozone odor removing mode.

Assembly details

High Risk Venues where social distancing are difficult

You may consider to take Gflash with you when you go to the following places.

Size and type

 G-Flash is available in two size :G-Flash and G-Flash Mini

Available colors

 It is available in four different colors

 Packages and accessories included


 How it compares with others 


Super early bird Special (First 100 backers only)

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Quattro Dynamics was founded in 2018 by 4 key members : Andrew, Ben, Ken and Gary. We have been working in product and application industry for more than ten years.  We concentrate In innovative projects like motor design, new cooling system, home appliance etc. Due to the Covid-19 last year, we are enthusiastic to build a powerful sanitizing gadget for our families. We quickly found there are many personal sanitizers on market that have exaggerated their ability for killing viruses.  Ionizer for example is designed to disperse dust particles is misleadingly told to have viruses killing abilities. We started to do bacteria test ourselves using  3M ‘s petrifilm and we investigated various technologies by studying how they are used correctly in terms of dose, time and distance,  and environment.  We also discussed a lot about their pros and cons. Eventually we come up with G-Flash and G-Flash Mini. We believe G-Flash can protect our love ones during the pandemic and after.  Thus,  we decide to offer it here in Kickstarter and share with you.

We have finished our design and we have just about to start mass production.  We hope that you will support us and to get more G-Flash to those in need. Thank you.