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Don’t let tired eyes get in the way of your life


Rest your eyes while reading or working. Let the eye mask absorb the body temperature and help warm the area which in turn helps the eyes to relax. Relax your eyes, while carrying on!

The G-TOUCH Pinhole Eye Warmer for the busy modern person.

As we spend more time at hope during this pandemic, we are increasing our screen time as well, teleworking, video conferencing, internet shopping and even gaming.

This causes a strain on your eyes, and overworking them. This eye strain doesn’t just affect your eyes, but also creates issues with posture, shoulder and neck disorders, as well as head stiffness and facial wrinkles.

For the most part, reducing the eye strain that has built up due to telework and so on is only achievable with rest and sleep. But we have a new solution, an eye warmer that lets your work while you rest your eyes!

A wide range of uses: Telework, Reading, Office Work, Gaming, e-Sports, Travelling, Napping, Reduction of Eye Strain etc.

The eye warmer is made from 100% charcoal fibres.

Charcoal is a special material in that it absorbs body heat and then creates far infrared rays (FIR). FIR are said to slowly penetrate and promote cell repair, and therefore help to offset tiredness and strain.

This also means that eye warmer is not just great for people that are suffering from eye strain but also for those that work in cold environments.

【Materials Used】

Eye Warmer: Charcoal Fibre (Orgahexa) 100%

Mesh: Polyester 100%

The fibres that we use are 100% charcoal, and were originally developed and produced for medical purposes and have also been proven under public inspection.

It is a unique material that hasn’t been widely used, and the amount of material that can be produced is quite limited.

It’s also fully washable so can be repeatedly used! It does need to be hand washed as it is slightly delicate.

Each one of the eye warmers are made one by one at our factories by hand.

The basic design behind the eye warmer is the combination of 4 parts, which make up the whole.

We make it so there is no discomfort from touching the eyelashes. We also have made the rubber strap adjustable, so that you can make it fit perfectly. It is also quite lightweight meaning that it doesn’t feel heavy on the face.

Normally there would be a small space between the eye mask and cheekbones however we add small cushions so that there are no gaps and it covers the whole face evenly.

One of our biggest benefits of this eye mask is that you can see while using it, making it rather different to other eye masks.

①Day or Night, Take care of your eyes.

Be it when riding a bus or a car, you can use this eye mask and still read a book while taking care of your eyes.

Normally while using an eye mask to take a short nap, you can often feel disoriented when you wake, but with the G-TOUCH Eye Warmer, you can wake up and see straight away, which even in the unlikely case of an emergency you can be alert straight away!

②Rest your eyes after a tiring day of work

When we get tired it causes strain and that strain can lead to long term effects. With this we look to help you rest your eyes while letting you do your everyday tasks without hinderance.

We recommend that the mask is used by not only adults but also children as it help them from getting eyestrain from staring at the screen for too long!

We have created a method that uses a mesh to create a pinhole effect. This means that you can still see letters and so on while using it.

The benefit of the pinhole is that it reduces the amount of light that comes into the eyes while still letting you see.

With this, it means that you aren’t using the ciliary muscle (the muscle that helps to regulate the lens of the eye) as much, reducing any strain while letting the eye rest.

During your time relaxing either reading or playing games.

During your work either conference calling all day or keeping up to date with the latest news

 Compact enough for glasses wearers 

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★★★★★ 5.0

I’ve been using it everyday and have been astounded by the results. When I first got it I thought it would be a nuisance to be honest, but I can use it while I use my phone and not feel impaired. I will continue using it to help with reducing eye fatigue.

★★★★★ 5.0

I use it every night to help rest my eyes, and when I wake up the next morning, my eyes and face feel much better than before I was using it.

This is really amazing to use during the winter while working in the cold. I also use the mask that Genethread makes and they are both really effective.

During 2020, we were selected as an award winner of the Japan Gift Award. Our ability to create high quality and effective products was evaluated highly.

Newspaper clipping talking about the design award win

Total of 4 Colours


M Size  Height 8cm / Width 17cm

L Size Height 9cm / Width 19cm

  • We are increasing the size around the eyes, allowing for a wider field of view! We expect this to equal about 110% increase!

The biggest benefit to the G-TOUCH Eye Warmer is the ability to see while resting your eyes.

No matter if you are working, if you’re reading, or just doing simple housework, you can proceed to wear it and feel no disturbance to your day.

You can just wear it and forget about it, not having to worry about making time to use it to rest.

It doesn’t take away from your vision, and you can always see whenever you’re wearing it.

We feel that we should be more pro active and working to help eyestrain before it gets to the point where you are already talking about feeling that your eyes are tired.

So we want you to use it when you work, or when you are relaxing at home or even out to the movies after the pandemic.

Let us help to support and rest your precious eyes!

Dec 2020 Project Start

Jan 2021  Project End

Feb 2021 Production of Product

April 2021 Delivery

<Countries that we can ship to are as follows:>

USA, Canada

Australia, New Zealand

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

EU (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden.)

United Kingdom


Genethread Co. ltd. was born in Saga Prefecture. Although it’s quite a small company with about 8 people, we work from start of design, to manufacturing to shipping. This G-TOUCH Eye Warmer is the result of everyone’s incredible hard work.

【Handling Precautions】

◎When washing, avoid vigorous rubbing and washing by hand gently. Don’t use any type of chlorine bleach, and dry in the shade.

◎Avoid using on areas of inflammation or open cuts. If you feel any abnormalities after use, please stop using the Eye Warmer.

◎You may notice in some cases that the fibers come off and that black powder may appear. This is not harmful to the human body. You can remove it by washing gently.

◎If you feel uncomfortable using product over prolonged periods, please stop using it.

◎The product is for use on the eye area only. 

◎Do not wash with white or light coloured items. 

◎The colour of the eye warmer may fade slightly.

◎Please avoid machine drying.

◎Please avoid using washing detergent containing fluorescent agents or bleach.