$1 raised out of $100,000
Start date
Oct 25, 2020
Close date
Dec 24, 2020

GameBin – Video Game Streaming Website


What Started It All:

The year 2020 changed everything. From how we conduct business, to how we live our lives. A lot of jobs that were able to work from home, are actually staying work from home studies show. What does this mean, and why does it matter?

The main focus here is the amount of time people will be starting to spend at home, compare to how things were. We want to build a platform, that doesn’t actually exist yet. With some schools doing online classes, kids would be at home a lot more with a lot wanting to watch videos or streams. But there isn’t a website for both.

Yes, there are many streaming services. But how many of these streaming services let you have your own personal page you can upload videos too also? None. There is competition, but they are on a whole different direction than our goal. We want a video game focused content creation and live streaming site.

What would drive people to this site? If you look at the current situation with gaming websites. Everything is focused on either live streaming or uploading. There is currently no focus on a website that does the same for gaming. The closest website that is near that is YouTube, but it doesn’t serve their community the way a website should. Our goal is to take what we know a gaming content creating website needs, and actually apply it so more people can use it.

What we actually want to create:

A gaming platform where a user can sign up, and upload videos to a page for their viewers but also have an option to live stream. The main page would have a simple slide on the top that you can slide to watch strictly live streams, or just uploads to pages. When a user clicks on the live stream their page pops up, and below is are recent streams, and also recent uploads in separate columns. The idea of the website is to let creators both upload their videos and live stream to just one platform instead of having to use many different sites.

How the funds will be used:

– Development of the website

– Marketing for the website

– Various server costs

– Graphics design costs

The website will be GameBin.gg

Additional information to include in the website:

– Include rewards for content creators that reach certain milestones in followers both with video uploads and streamers.

– Make this website have easier terms to the users.

– Not do exclusivity deals, let people choose to continue to use our site.

– Make becoming a partner on our site be easier to understand and give small users more visibility on the site.

– Not steal money from streamers and content creators, make the sharing of funds more for the creators.

Down the road ideas:

– Make an app that is easy to switch between streamers, and video uploads.

– Create additional ways for users to interact with their content creators.

– Give more ways than paying for people to subscribe to their users, such as watch for x number of hours with ads on.

Personal Experience:

I’ve streamed on both YouTube and twitch, and what I realized is that you have to use both. Twitch has or at least had the option to upload videos, but no one goes to twitch for that because the difficulty to view said videos. YouTube has a good platform, but it’s hard to view live streams of gamers and also navigate to their videos unless you download multiple apps or use multiple websites. YouTube the biggest competition isn’t just for gaming, it’s for everything making gaming videos harder to access to kids just looking for gaming videos.

Kids look up to their favorite video game creators and get inspired by them, so why not have one website that can do it all. One website that kids can watch their favorite streamer live, and possibly watch a video that same creator published on tips for the game they play/watch.


I am going to work on this project regardless. I am just one person, that will not be able to complete this on a timeline that I would prefer. I would rather this be a crowd funded idea where the community gets to be part of building this. The website is gamebin.gg you can check it out to see what the beginning looks like, and for other updates. The website is currently only optimized for computers. I will never abandon this project.

Projects current status:

The website currently works, if you sign up you can stream to the platform. There is no feature set up to give everyone stream information, so that will come soon. I’ve done two test streams on the website and everything works great, as well as the chat. I have reached the point where I hit a road block on building the website. This is now beyond what I know. I would love for this to be a website that we can say was built by the community. If you would like to test the streaming on the website feel free to message me.