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The esport performance track system.


Gamers and streamers, do you want to compete with each other across the world without any dedicated tournaments?

Do you want to try to compete with any best players in the world right now?

GemeGen, it’s a startup with two unique features based on AI and ML.

AI system is watching game video streams and analyzing it on the fly. Video stream analysis could help get analytics from:

  • online/offline games
  • console games
  • mobile games

It is a universal non-blockable method for data extraction from the game process. AI is the best way of finding.

Unfair players and cheaters. All these features will make the revolution on the market.

Stream analytics could help organize a new unique type of interaction between streamers and watchers. For example:

  • We could find the most faster game player in the world.
  • We could create a game task and control this task implementation across all players in the world.

 The second feature of the project it’s a new type of advertising.  Artificial intelligence making native integration for advertisement into a video stream context.   In this video, you would see a new kind of internet advertising.   The key features of this advertisement system:

  • not annoying for the viewer.
  • Video stream native integration on the fly.
  • no blockable with third-party software like the ad-block