$82,509 raised out of $66,000
Start date
Nov 08, 2020
Close date
Dec 03, 2020

A hard enamel fanart pin collection.


Pick your protag! We have the traveler twins to start your journey.

This project aims to make these two designs. 

They will be made as a hard enamel pin that’s 1.75 inches tall. 

$600USD will fund two pin designs and 10% goes to kickstarter.

* My local currency is Yen, thus the prices are estimated according to the daily exchange. The more pins you buy the cheaper the prices and shipping stays the same for up to 10 pins.

The freebie set: They will be high quality Vinyl Stickers. Will add a postcard print if two more characters get unlocked.

Timeline: Kickstarter begins November, Production starts mid- December, They should be ready to ship out by January-February 2021.

Stretch Goals: Every $300 unlocks the next character. Chongyun starts unlocked, then Diluc, Venti, Qiqi, Lisa, Ningguang, Jean and the Secret, follows.

CURRENTLY: Chongyun unlocked! Diluc unlocks at $900

Updates and sneak peaks can be found at Instagram @bachoochi

Feel free to reach out anytime you have questions or concerns. 

Thank you for checking out our project!