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A new breed of guidebook. Built by a skier. For skiers.


The Second Edition Rogers Pass book has been sold out and out of print for over a year. The demand is high for the new edition and I did my very best to have these new books ready for Autumn, 2020. It has taken longer than planned but I’m not one to rush my artwork and I’m glad to have stayed the course. I am extremely happy with the results and hope you are too! 

Welcome to what I’m calling: A new breed of guidebook.

Books are expensive. Two books are doubly expensive. I cannot do this without you, I do need your help to get these books printed and in your hands for this season. You can help to transform this passionate work, this dream of inspiring others, into the two most awesome guidebooks that you’ve ever seen!

If you pledge to this Kickstarter for the new edition books, you will be the first to have these books, before they are sold at retailers.

Rogers Pass Uptracks, Bootpacks & Bushwhacks is a trilogy series to backcountry skiing at Rogers Pass, BC.

The trilogy includes two books: Rogers Pass North and Rogers Pass South as well as the recently published, companion map: Rogers Pass Map. The series was researched, designed and created by me: Douglas Sproul.

You may know me from my work on the previous editions of the Uptracks, Bootpacks & Bushwhacks Book and Map. The book was selected as a Finalist in the 2015 Banff Book and Film Festival.

Rogers Pass may ring your bell as the  birthplace of mountaineering in North America. It also happens to be one of the world’s great ski touring Meccas.

Landscape format

After years of struggling with landscape photographs in portrait layouts, I had a Eureka! and realized that mountain photography is best presented in a landscape format, not portrait.

Landscape photos

  • Mountain photography is mostly landscape photography which is naturally, best presented in a landscape format.
  • The terrain photography in the new books is a useful blend of aerial and land-based images. This results in a better understanding of an overview of the terrain as well as a real-life view as viewed by the skier on the ground.  
  • Full-page (8.5″ x 5.5″) high-resolution photos! 
  • 17″ x 5.5″ Double-page spreads!
  • Mindfully researched and carefully selected photos from various angles: 
  •  Aerial photos for overview.
  •  Mid-level ground and aerial photos for detailed terrain view. 
  •  Low-level ground photos for the approach view. 

Douglas Sproul is the author, publisher, dishwasher of the GeoBackcountry Rogers Pass Uptracks, Bootpacks & Bushwhacks books and map series. He lives in Revelstoke, BC. 

Top: In the field office | Bottom: My humble home office

How to make sure you’ll receive your rewards

Kickstarter campaigns are complex and can be a bit confusing. So many rewards and details, how do I choose? What info do I need to submit to make sure that I receive my rewards? Here are a few tips to help you make sure you receive your rewards in a timely manner.

Choose your rewards very carefully.

It is difficult and time consuming for creators to change the reward fulfillment info as well as issue refunds for shipping if you accidentally choose shipping instead of pick up. The same is true for changing a pick up category to shipping.

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For rewards shipping, please enter your full name and shipping information carefully and exactly how it is properly spelled. This helps a lot!

Both books will be professionally offset printed with the highest quality materials available. A thick cover stock and a heavy, water-resistant text paper will ensure durability.

It is the same cover stock and text (interior) paper that was used for the 2nd Edition and it is safe to use outdoors, even while it’s snowing. Your books will be tough!

The initial design and creation of the books is complete. They are currently in editing/proofing stages. I have been in ongoing contact with experienced professional editors as well as the printer on schedule and cost. Press companies are considered an essential service. The printer was able to remain open during the spring lock-down.

My goal is to inspire others by sharing my knowledge of the area. All that’s needed to bring this to reality is for you to want it!

Ski traverse – Info page
Ski traverse – Map page
Chapter opener | Rogers

Due to numerous factors, only a condensed, introductory version of the Parks Canada Regulations are included in the books:

  • Parks Canada and Canadian Forces (CAD military) jointly operate the world’s largest mobile avalanche control program to keep the Trans-Canada Highway open and safe for travelers. 
  • Unlike other areas in North America, the military is involved in operations at Rogers Pass. 
  • The extreme nature of the highway and avalanche control program.
  • The Winter Permit System Regulations evolve and change. Visitors should always check with Parks Canada for accurate Winter Permit System info.
  • Unprecedented growth of people backcountry skiing and the exploding popularity of Rogers Pass.
  • Regulations should be left to the experts who are Parks Canada in this case, not a guidebook author.

An overview and basic info of the regulations are included in the new books. For details, visit the Parks Canada link below.

You can learn about the Winter Permit System on the Parks Canada website.

Please note that the recipient is responsible for all customs and duty charges if shipped outside of Canada.

Unfortunately, the books will not be available in time for Christmas.  Below is a print-ready, high-resolution PDF gift card if you would like to give the books as a gift for the holidays.

Download Gift Card Here

To deliver the highest quality product to you in a timely manner is the goal.

Books are expensive to create and publish. Two books are twice as expensive. The landscape format and Wire-o binding adds significant additional costs – the industry is set up for portrait format printing. Kickstarter campaigns also have a lot of associated costs that you might not have considered.

I learned a lot about the hidden costs of running a Kickstarter from the first one that I ran for the book in 2014. From the $41,323 that was pledged for that campaign, I ended up  shelling out $19,700 for Kickstarter and payment processor fees,  shipping and taxes. In the end, to manufacture those books and maps and to fulfill the rewards, I spent an additional $4,400.00 out-of-pocket on top of the  $41K.

There are more hidden costs like the total amount raised on a Kickstarter will count as income on that years tax assessment. The way the government looks at it, you earned $41,000 in one day which counts as income on top of whatever else you make doing other work. That’s a significant and often overlooked expense. 

Another expense that is often missed is labor costs for the creation of your product as well as labor to run a Kickstarter and fulfillment. Lessons learned! 

The true costs for this campaign reflect a budget that I believe will cover the costs associated with it with an investment from my end as well. What I’m saying is that I’ve budgeted a significant amount of my own money and time into the budget. If a Kickstarter for two books was budgeted to cover all costs, upfront and hidden, then it would need to raise $93,486. This is only for a modest quantity of books. To make it truly profitable and to cover all costs, including all labor then it would easily top $100,000.

These are just a few of my thoughts that I hope some of you can find useful as I do receive the occasional email inquiring about lessons learned from running a Kickstarter.

Summary: Producing and publishing any piece of art is complex. Designing, running and fulfilling a Kickstarter is also complex. So many layers: The artwork itself, complex and ever-shifting budgets, the labor, the occasional hiccup, Kickstarter, fulfillment (think: hours at the post office and hours online learning about shipping).