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Stepless grinding|400W BLDC motor|500-1500 RPM|SSP burr choices|Pre-breaker|Near zero retention


Better coffee is all in the beans. And the right grinder can unlock flavors you never knew were there. Most home grinders only offer limited control over your grind level, speed, and burr choice, and leaving half the flavor still trapped in your beans – or leaving old grounds stuck in the burrs and spouts through retention.

It’s time for a change, and that’s why we’ve introduced the Gevi Grandmaster.

Limitless Customization, Your Coffee, Your Way

Stepless grinding lets you play with precise adjustments and endless combinations of fine or coarse grinds. Wider RPM adjustment delves the most intricate flavor out of beans. It works flawlessly with a world of 64mm flat burrs (also support SSP burrs!), making it perfectly caters to your needs.

Such adjustments require top-tier grinding power.

An onboard pre-breaker taps deeper flavors from every bean, unleashing the full potential of the burrs. The powerful 400W BLDC motor ensures smooth and consistent grind. 64mm commercial-level flat burrs ensures consistent grinding quality and preserves the original flavors.

Over the past weeks we invited early supporters who subscribed to GrindMaster campaign to join Beta Tester program and provide us with authentic feedback on the stepless version. Their comments and reviews have been extraordinary. As more feedback is submitted, this section will be updated.

Here are videos from Zach on making espresso, AeroPress and pour-over with GrindMaster:

We invited YouTube creators in the coffee industry to test GrindMaster, and they all praised its coffee grinding capabilities. Just search “Gevi GrindMaster” on YouTube and you can find many amazing reviews! We have more reviews coming up, please stay tuned.

*Please note that the products we sent to testers are stepped prototypes. The version officially launched on Indiegogo is stepless, allowing for stepless adjustment, with an improved screw pitch that reduces the gap between each small steps to 5µm. We will invite more creators to review our stepless version and this section will keep updating.

Stepped grinders limit your imagination and keep you tied to a handful of fixed grind settings, unable to grind for espresso that requires high-level of precise control in grinding size. But Gevi GrindMaster lets you dial in on your ideal grind size with its stepless settings.

Whether you need fine grinds to max out taste in an espresso, or a coarse grind to bring full-bodied flavor to a French press, you’ll get greater precision and the freedom to unlock the flavors that hide between settings.

To meet the high demands of espresso grinding, we have upgraded the thread pitch to 0.5mm, reducing the burr gap between each step to 5µm. This gap is 50% shorter than other high-end, stepless grinders priced over $1200. A shorter burr gap results in a broader range for espresso grinding, offering users more precise control over particle size.

It’s incredible – how the same beans tell a different story just by changing your grind speed. Lower speeds maintain more of their delicate flavor. Meanwhile, hitting your beans at high speed can release deeper aromas and unlock a bolder taste.

That’s why GrindMaster gives you 11 different grinding speeds – a breakthrough for home coffee grinders. This allows you to explore your own extraction techniques to get different flavor profiles.

Let’s take a closer look at Gevi Orion burr first:

Whether you prefer the precision of pour-over or the rich intensity of espresso, the dual-purpose Orion burrs deliver excellent performance on every cup. It features titanium and obsidian coating that reduces the heat generated during grinding and preserves the original flavors.

Some youtubers also reviewed this burr and gave it a very high rating.

The Gevi GrindMaster is also compatible with SSP burrs, the brand highly favored by coffee enthusiasts. We offer 3 SSP burr options and you can refer to the table below to chosse the SSP burrs catering to your coffee brewing preference.

The Gevi Grindmaster features a powerful 400W BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor. that offers unparalleled 5N·m torque. It it 2 times more powerful than other grinders and can grind ultra-hard lightly roasted beans with low RPM smoothly.

GrindMaster’s built-in pre-breaker works by cracking your beans before they enter the grinding chamber, giving your burrs a larger canvas to grind so they can scrape out deeper layers of flavor from every bean.

That gives you more consistent grinds and even flavors, while enhancing the power of your burrs.

GrindMaster is made for both home and commercial use, with the robust performance to keep up with non-stop cafe orders, and the simplicity to suit a Sunday morning espresso in your bath robe.

The GrindMaster features a dual-step anti-retention structure. The first step is the vertical burrs and spout design, allowing coffee grounds to be completely pushed out of the grinding chamber , minimizing residue.

The second step is the plasma anti-static technology, preventing grounds from accumulating around the spout, allowing them to fall vertically without clumping. This eliminates the hassle of manual “knocking” or “RDT”, making the whole grinding process smoother.

GrindMaster is made for those who like to be hands on. Unlike most grinders, it features a chamber that’s easy to take apart tool free, so you can clean it by hand any time and keep it running in tip-top condition.

The magnetic design of the dosing cup and scale make them a team that’s easy to keep together. The digital scale weighs coffee beans, grounds, and your pours with precision so every cup tastes right. The cup rims work well with various portafilters, making it easy to work with when you’re crafting an espresso.

Coffee grinders aren’t known for their quiet grace. But we designed GrindMaster to keep a low profile even at high speeds. That’s all thanks to its brushless motor keeping decibels down even while RPMs ramp up.

Inspired by the Greek columns of the Parthenon, GrindMaster is as much a decorative piece as a grinding powerhouse. Its timeless metal cantilever design and golden ratio structure bring style to any cafe, while earning it a place on the most modern kitchen counters.

GrindMaster’s bean hopper is specially designed to give you better control of your bean flow, preventing bean jumping during pours and keeping every grind under control.

When it comes to buttons, less is more. We combined the GrindMaster’s Power and Speed controls into one dial, making it effortlessly simple to use. Because the only press you should be focused on is the French kind.

Here is the specification table for our product, which includes key technical specifications and performance indicators. Please refer to the table below for more detailed information.

Gevi GrindMaster is available in two color options, Deep Gray Gold and Frost Silver. After selecting the perk, there is a color option

Gevi GrindMaster provides users with 4 types of perks. If you don’t know how to choose, you can refer to the following instructions.

Since the proficiency of replacing burrs vary among different users, we do not suggest users disassemble and replace the burrs directly. Users can select the preferred burr type, and the grinder will be assembled with the chosen burr before being delivered to you.

-Gevi Orion Burr is a multifunctional burr designed by Gevi. It works well with a wide range of coffee styles, including Espresso, Pour-over and French press. If you enjoy a wide variety of coffee types, while also valuing the cost-effectiveness of the burrs, we recommend choosing the Gevi Orion Burr.

-Gevi GrindMaster also offers three options for SSP Burrs: SSP High-Uniformity (HU), SSP Cast Lab Sweet (LS), and SSP Multi-Purpose (MP). All three types of SSP Burrs are priced the same. Once you select the SSP perk, you can choose one from these three SSP Burrs.

We also offer users the Dosing Cup with Digital Scale, which can make the grinding process smoother and eliminate the need for separate weighing of the coffee grounds. The price difference between the Dosing Cup with Digital Scale and the one without is $50.

*When making payment, the system will automatically fill in the Tips amount. Paying tips is not mandatory. If you don’t want to pay, just select “other amount” and fill in 0.

Customs is included for global backers and shipping fee is covered for the U.S. backers For Canada, European Union, Australia, Korea, and Singapore, the shipping fee is $50. The shipping fee for the United Kingdom is $70. Backers from other countries and regions will see the specific shipping fee after entering their shipping address.

Due to the size of the product, and after providing a significant discount to our users, it is challenging for us to cover the entire shipping cost. However, we have already covered a significant portion of the shipping fee for our global backers.

We will match the plug and corresponding voltage based on the shipping country selected when you choose the perk. Please check the FAQ for more detailed information.

Gevi is a company with mature production capabilities. It has been established for almost 10 years and has reached a shipment volume of over 20,000 units, selling to nearly 30 countries, improving the quality of life for more than 1.5 million consumers across the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Gevi has always strived to provide high-quality and reliable products for all our customers. More info: https://gevilife.com/

Please note that we will start mass production in October and start shipping in December 2023.