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Personalized heartfelt holiday messages from you, automated! A handy Bluetooth remote that types holiday messages for you.


The Problem

Has this ever happened to you? Plagued by messages, riddled by guilt, and lost in a fog of holiday cheer? Not enough time to answer the hundreds, thousands, or perhaps millions of holiday messages sent by your friends, colleagues, and loved ones?

The Solution

You can count on the Gleemote, the better way to send a happy holiday and take the pain away. Just connect it to your computer or cellular device via handy-dandy Bluetooth to lift the veil of messaging mayhem.

Personalized, heartfelt holiday messages from you, automated!

Open any of your holiday messages and tap one easy button. 

It generates responses out of the blue! Display the perfect amount of love by clicking away between 1 and 10 times, depending on how much you want to say. 

Attach it to the back of your phone for on-the-go-convenience or sit it next to your computer for relief at home

Messages include 50 non-denominational classics like “Happy Holidays”, “Sending you all the love”, “Wishing you the best this season”, and many more. A limited number of backers can even help choose the messages!