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Sep 26, 2020
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Oct 26, 2020

Producing excellent quality socks that can be used for any daily activity, whether it is going to school, work, the beach or training.


We are raising funds to manufacture and promote our locally designed to VA Beach, custom made Socks. We are passionate about supporting local businesses and the community. Why Socks? Because we recognize there is no brand leader in the sock category and we are striving to be the first. From the beginning, we want this company to be ethical, environmentally friendly and affordable.

The funding that we receive from Kickstarter will go towards building a foundation that will allow our company to succeed in the long run. This will include manufacturing product, setting up philanthropic relationships with organizations globally, and developing our distribution facility. We have a team ready to attend events and travel to shops to promote our products. 

Lastly, one of our biggest aspirations is to provide free socks to people in need. For example, a lot of homeless people and those in third world countries may have shoes, but no socks. This program would be similar to TOMS where every pair we sell we will donate a pair.