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Headgear mobile phone mounting device.


About GoClamp Phone Headgear 

With millions of entrepreneurs in digital media businesses and thousands of new startups every day, setting up to launch your content on social media and YouTube could be expensive. GoClamp phone headgear is a simple and easy-to-use phone mounting gear that will offer users the freehand capability to record their events or make video calls. The quality of videos recorded with a phone mounted on GoClamp is stable and focused on the recorded activity. 

The team put a lot of engineering effort to design a durable, lightweight, adjustable, and easy-to-operate product. 

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Know about the creator. 

As a child, I made my own toys from discarded materials because my parents could not afford it. Somehow, I made the most robust toy car in the neighborhood with blended materials from junkyards. 

I obtained my first degree in mechanical engineering and a postgraduate degree in project management. Worked in different engineering companies and, at the same time, managed a few imaginative projects. 


By the way, all engineering design phases are complete, and this is how we did it.

1. Mechanical design

Materials selection was essential to attaining light product components that would not compound the device’s weight. 

The device arm has a ratcheting mechanism built into the arm-channel that locks the arm into the desired adjusted length. 

The phone holder part is attached to the arm.  With the arm’s adjustment feature, the user can adjust the phone’s distance from the eyes within 15cm to 30cm. We wanted to give the device more functionalities to swivel the phone holder piece 360deg and tilt it on its horizontal and vertical axis for excellent peripheral vision.   

We designed the phone clamping mechanism to hold the phone without slipping off, so we avoided a spring-loaded clamp and selected a screw knob clamping device.

For maximum comfort of the device on the head, a flexible plastic band with a backside soft pad and a nylon strap is added to the design.  

 Disconnect the holder part from the device and turn it into a tabletop phone stand with a clamp adjustment knob to fit different sizes of phones.

2. GoClamp is designed for phone size specification

  • Height: 16cm
  • Width: 8.5cm
  • Weight: 200grams max. 

3. Assembly made easy

To put the parts together for use requires two steps only.

Step 1: Insert the arm into the lower channel

Step 2:  screw upper and lower plastic channels into place.

4. Everyday Use 

Indoors activities:

  1. Watching your favorite shows from your phone
  2. Handsfree video calls

Outdoor activities:

  1. Event video coverage
  2. Sporting activities (e.g. Hiking)
  3. Long road trip entertainment

Professional uses:

  1. Musical artists 
  2. Cooking Instructors (Chefs) 

Easily record your hiking adventure with your phone mounted on GoClamp. 

Record videos for your YouTube channels. Videos recorded with phones mounted on GoClamp are stable and more interactive with what you are doing. 

No need to spend huge money on sporting devices when you have GoClamp. You can mount your phone and you are set to record your sporting actions. Select your front or back phone camera and simply swivel your phone in different directions to capture actions from different angles.  

For long video calls, conferences, and other video interactions, you are sure to be relaxed and not get tired of holding your phone.  On long road trips, your passengers can mount their phones and watch their videos.  

As a musical artist, easily mount your phone on GoClamp and play your musical notes.

Mount your phone on GoClamp and easily do your work out from your Yoga App.   

5. Contracting & Procurement

Engineering design by WMD Squared Lafayette Louisiana, USA

Prototype by WMD subcontractor

Mold & manufacturing cost estimation by ASH Industries Lafayette Louisiana, USA

6. Sales & Marketing

Amazon: US, UK, UAE, Canada, African countries & many other locations. 


We also look forward to working with distributors in other countries. 

7. General Product Highlights

The product design is complete and ready for mold making and manufacturing.

We ask that you back this project so we can make the mold and start manufacturing, and make GoClamp a reality.

8. Project Timeline

9. Project Team

 10. Reward Tiers