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Elevate your movie, work, and gaming experiences with a device that’s lighter, slimmer, and freer.


We Are In Production

We are thrilled to announce that production of the highly anticipated GOOVIS G3X has commenced! As per our initial plans, we are on track to begin shipping orders promptly in May. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards for all our products.

Introducing the GOOVIS G3X, a revolutionary 4K OLED Cinematic HMD that Boasting a dual 2K Micro-OLED screen, 42PPD Glass Aspheric Lenses, and 1920*1080 Pixels Per Eye, it delivers an extraordinary visual experience. With a sleek and lightweight design, the G3X brings a new level of freedom to your visual encounters.

G3X’s design focuses on portability, modern aesthetics, and comfort, meeting the demands of head-mount devices.

The design of GOOVIS G3X emphasizes portability, weighing only 200g for easy carrying. This is advantageous for extended use, reducing strain on the head. You can wear it for extended periods without feeling burdened, enjoying your leisure time.

The device exhibits a modern aesthetic with clean and fluid curves and lines. The main unit features a mirror-reflective design, and upon powering up the device, the LED logo inside the reflective surface lights up, creating a futuristic vibe. This design style introduces an element of sophistication and tech-savvy allure, elevating the overall visual experience while in use.

G3X is a portable player for various scenarios—home, car, on the go, or during breaks at work. Whether on the subway ride home, or even in the bathroom, G3X provides an immersive movie or gaming experience.

The G3X HMD is not just a technological product; it also offers a healthier way of entertainment. Wearing it can perfectly avoid the neck and back pain caused by maintaining a single posture during prolonged gaming or movie sessions. No need to lower your head to look at the screen anymore. Now, you can enjoy entertainment in any comfortable posture – sitting, lying down, leaning, standing, or even upside down. No worries, the screen is always right in front of your eyes.

Visual clarity isn’t just about panel resolution. Multiple attributes contribute to how clearly and comfortably you see details.

1920*1080(3147PPI 42PPD) High Resolution

Equipped with dual 2K micro-OLED display, GOOVIS G3X offers a high resolution of 1920*1080(3147PPI 42PPD), providing ultra-clear, immersive, and life-like HMD experience.

800″@20m/ FOV52 Big Screen

Enjoy an expansive visual experience with the GOOVIS G3X! Boasting an incredible 800-inch display at a distance of 20 meters, and the best field of view at 52, 42 PPD, this device delivers a truly cinematic feel with its larger-than-life screen.

113%Srgb Color Gamut

Step into a world of vivid experiences with the GOOVIS G3X! Boasting an impressive 113% sRGB, this revolutionary device brings richness and depth to every color, ensuring an immersive visual feast whether you’re watching movies, gaming, or going through documents. Elevate your moments with vibrant hues and crystal-clear details.

Real 3D Experience

The same as our previous excellent product, G3X is not only able to play 2D movies but there is also a more powerful function that supports 3D so that you can enjoy a large number of high-quality 3D movies anytime, anywhere. Compared to watching 3D movies in a theater with 3D glasses, no extra glasses are required with G3 max and it can display flawless 3D movies as long as the source is 3D.

The G3X features built-in speakers at the edge of the headpiece, eliminating the need for additional audio devices. With cutting-edge built-in speakers, G3X is engineered to deliver precise and dynamic stereo sound for a truly engaging experience. And the device also features a 3.5mm audio jack for headphone use, lets you play with or without headphones.

Want to use wireless earbuds? No problem

GOOVIS has launched a wireless earphone, the GE10, designed to be used in conjunction with the G3X. If you prefer wireless earphones, there are two connection options: 1. Take out the G310 receiver and insert it into the Type-C port on the G3X. 2. Connect via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.3). This convenient pairing allows you to enjoy a comprehensive and private audio space.

What if you wear glasses and want to use the G3X? Don’t worry, we have taken this into account. The G3X is equipped with +2D~-8D diopter adjustment and 56mm-72mm adjustable pupillary distance, so you can adjust it according to your own parameters and needs. The value of adjustment is also clearly displayed on the screen.

Compatible with Smartphone/pad/Notebook/PC/Xbox/Play station 4/5/switch/ATV Dongle/Blue-ray disc player, just connect via a USB-C cable, or use a transformer if with HDMI port. One screen to replace them all.

And is that everything? Of course not.

Paired with the D4 handheld 4K media player, featuring an 8000mAh battery for prolonged usage. Seamlessly connect via HDMI for a hassle-free experience

D4 Dongle media player is an all-in-one cordless device, preloaded with all your favorite streaming APPs (such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime). Built-in 8000mAh battery, it can support up to 6 hours, and it works with Read SD Card, all TV, Headsets, and home theater devices.

Having designed several series of HMD products, we have gathered valuable feedback from users and continuously made design improvements to ensure a more comfortable and convenient experience during wear.

Considering prolonged wear, we have addressed the heat dissipation of the product. The device is equipped with an internal cooling system and special lenses that not only dissipate the heat generated during operation but also prevent fogging. This guarantees the best wearing and viewing experience without compromising the clarity and resolution of the displayed images.

The design of the G3X prioritizes both style and comfort. The detachable head strap, connected to the main unit with a snap buckle, is designed for convenience. The main unit can be flipped 90°, making it not only easy to wear but also allowing for a quick transition from immersive entertainment to the real world. The weight is evenly distributed across the entire head, reducing pressure on the face, ensuring a burden-free experience during extended wear. Additionally, the head strap size is easily adjustable based on individual head circumference.

In order to provide a comfortable wearing experience, the G3X is equipped with a detachable silicone face mask which is soft on the face and comfortable. It can also block out ambient light completely, allowing for a more immersive experience without causing fatigue during extended entertainment and gaming sessions.

GOOVIS has also designed a stylish travel case for the G3X. Similar to how you cherish your camera, the G3X comes with a dedicated storage case. The robust exterior provides enhanced protection for the product, while the custom-designed interior ensures a perfect fit, allowing the device to snugly rest within the case. The top cover includes a mesh pocket, offering additional storage for accessories such as data cables. This travel case is not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient for easy portability.

Enjoy Immersive Experience Anywhere Anytime

Made For Private Cinema Experience

Made For Causal Game Experience

Made For on-the-go entertainment

Your Phone is a Workstation

Enjoy Drone Anywhere

Immersive Meditation


Product: G3X

Dispaly:2 x Micro-OLED binocular

Resolution: 1920*1080*2

Refresh Rate:60hz

Display PPI:3147

Video Format: 2D, SBS 3D

Virtual Screen Size:800-inch Gaint Screen at 20m(66ft)

Color Gamut:113% sRGB

optical solution: Aspheric lenses

Optical efficiency: >71%

field of View (FOV):52

Angular Resolution(PPD):42


Compatibility: Smartphone/pad/Notebook/PC/Xbox/Play station 4/5/switch/ATV Dongle/Blue-ray disc player

Voice:3.5mm earphone, Built-in speaker

Connection Cable: Type C (DP 1.4), HDMI 2.1(Detable Cable)

Mainbody Weight (g):~200

Eyeglasses wearers:Built-in diopter adjustment(+2D hyperopia to -8 myopia), no prescription lens needed

Design and Development

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About Us

As a technical leading company in AR/VR Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) field, GOOVIS (which means ‘Good Vision) is committed to the design and manufacture of various near-eye displays (NED) core optical engine, and the development and application of HMDs. NED Optics independently owns the core technologies of near-eye displays. So far the company has submitted over 160 patent applications and nearly 80 patents have been granted in China and USA and the products are enjoyed by customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.