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Start date
Oct 21, 2020
Close date
Nov 20, 2020

GOSSIPWHORE. An online tabloid & boutique designed to bring fresh content by paying writers & featuring rising artists & designers


We’re all in this together….unfortunately some less than others.  This crisis has put many Creatives out of work or limited their incomes.  I am proposing an online tabloid / boutique/art gallery.  It looks and feels like a gossip blog but unlike many others it has original content at its core.  Authors and photographers would have a fresh source of income and reach new audiences.  Artists could showcase their art across the world and sell on the site.  Same goes for new fashion designers.  Everybody deserves a first break.  The main draw will be podcast-form interviews with special, interesting guests – key word interesting, from across the world.  We are going to start by having our guests chose their interviewer (friend, relative, co-star etc) and the chaos will be unleashed.  We are doing this to attract a wide array of viewers and ultimately advertising dollars to keep the small business ecosystem working!

The funds will be used to rent studios, pay engineers and sound and video editors.  We will contract with web designers, writers, photographers, graphic designers and attorneys….Why attorneys?  The Trademark.

GossipWhore™ received a United States Trademark in Class 41: Entertainment in the nature of providing an informational and entertainment website in the fields of celebrity gossip, entertainment, sports and fitness.   To that end, we need legal to litigate infringements and negotiate licensing deals.  

We have started dialogues with NYC based fashion desingers to create GossipWhore X Brand collaborations.  We expect products ranging from branded Tee’s and GossipWhore face masks to be available for sale during the holiday shopping blitz!

Help us get people back to work and have some fun in the process!