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Start date
Dec 27, 2020
Close date
Jan 26, 2021

A interactive Trading Card Game like Magic the gathering but with Anime / Manga illustration.


About me :

As an former magic the gathering player, i remember all the fun and the friend i made playing this kind of card game. It was for me, a shy boy an easy way to become more chummy. i would like new generation of child /teenager/even adults  to get all that fun and precious moment.

My motivations :

This project is important for me because  since i  got injured i loosed the possibility to get a normal job anymore, and i been questionning myself a lot .

I finaly  conclude that i would love to bring happiness to people by games, and for me it’s also creating a form of legacy.

About the Game

this game will be pretty much like magic the gathering but with anime / manga illustrations. With a few particularity of course. (like a hero card called a guild master)

Regular extention should pop every 4 month if first edition is a success.

The universe of the game will be medieval / antiquity mix with all the lore and creature that can bring.

Various event in local Game Store and also competitive event organised directly by the brand. In those they will be main event / side event / various reward / shop stands/ and a system of joker exchange system who will allow player that win side events to trade joker for any card  of curently printed extentions at the official brand stand.

I want to develop the competitive side of the game a lot ! With a pro player status and kind of a league with a youtube/twitch channel including commented pro match after a few years.

Game will be release in english, even if im french, all card will be in english, other language like german, italian, spanish ,french will come later if the game keep going beceause it will need another 100 000 booster print in each language so count 55k euros for each language …. will need found from first edition sells to do it !

card design exemple

Detail of the cost of the first edition creation :


i was surprised to learn that illustration copyright/creation is the most expensive part of this kind of project. 

 for a set of 130 card illustrations(wich is average edition card number) of good quality its between 60 000 euro(for a 120 card set)  to  130 000 euro(for larger set) . 

first edition will be 130 card so will ask for 65 000 euro

Creating / Printing / packaging

Starter Deck are minimum quantity 30 000 unit at 2.5 euro each wich represent a total 75 000 euros  but unfortunatly is a must have in card game so i can’t skip this cost at game lunch.

boosters minimum quantity is 100 000 unit  witch represent 55 000 euro, that represent 5000 boosterbox of 20 booster.

Accesories (playmates / sleeves /dices /others):

Will create them with my own money for first edition because i am asking a lot already….(unless there is a lot more found than i expect)

Delivery to LocalStore:

i’ll udpate it soon.  still trying to find good distributor. currently asking local stores wich distributor they had good / bad experience with.