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A Compact Home Gym


The Gym Box is a compact home gym that comes with everything you need to get full body workouts. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or build major muscle mass, the Gym Box has you covered. Perform over 165 exercises you get with free weights, a weight bench, pulley machines, and more. All for a fraction of the size and price.

With the Gym Box set up for storing, it can be used for planks, jumps, cardio, strength training, etc.

The Gym Box uses resistance bands encased in a nylon sleeve that protects the user. At each end are carabiners for quick attachment and release along with the level of resistance. 

The resistance ranges from 10-300 pounds for each hand with 10 pound increments. Each band is independently anchored, eliminating standing on bulky bands and looping through anchors. You can use a single band or stack up to four bands.

Remove the lid, flip it over, and place it on the floor. This becomes the band anchor station for all the resistance exercises. It is also used as a platform you stand on for all your standing exercises.  

Underneath the lid is the storage section. This is where all the gear is stored. This includes resistance bands, handles, shoe straps, and the workout book.

Remove the storage section and place its notched sections into the slots of the platform. This secures the two together with perfect alignment.

Now place the bench on top of the storage section. The bottom of the bench drops into the storage section securing the bench.  

The bench can be set to the flat, incline, and upright positions. The height of the back rest will allow up to a 6′ 4″ persons head to rest centered and comfortably. 

Note:  The bench can be placed on top of the storage section in either direction. This allows you to change the alignment with the band anchors giving you different angles of resistance. Notice the band anchors are at the back with the incline fly and at the front with the seated shoulder press.

The shoe straps are equipped with four d-ring attachment points (top, inside, outside, and heel), making the push or pull of resistance smooth and comfortable.

         (weight includes all the gear)

  •  You will save several hundred dollars from not purchasing all the free weights, dumbell rack, and a weight bench.

  • Trying to find somewhere to put all that big and heavy equipment can be a challenge.
  •  No need for a spotter with the Gym Box. The resistance isn’t there until you’re ready, making it safe to workout by yourself. 

  • Purchasing a decent pulley machine is a big financial investment

  • Just like with the free weights, trying to find somewhere to put such a big and heavy piece of equipment can be a challenge.
  •  Bench exercises are limited to only the upright position.

When it’s not in use, the Gym Box can be tucked away in a corner or in a closet completely out of sight.

Going on a trip and want to stay committed to your workout routine? The Gym Box is so compact and lightweight that it can easily be taken with you. You obviously can’t do that with the other home gym options.

Each Gym Box package comes with a detailed book that shows all the exercises one can do along with a wide range of workout plans. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to tons of workout videos at gymboxhomegym.com. There are plans and videos for all goals and fitness levels.

Can’t take the Gym Box with you and want the next best thing? Add $35 to the Gym Box package of your choice and get a high quality drawstring gym bag and two heavy duty d-ring door anchors

When combined with all the resistance gear that comes with the Gym Box, you will now have a small travel set to get full body workouts.


The bag is made of thick 100% polyester canvas fabric making it water resistant and durable. The bag’s large drawstring compartment will hold all the Gym Box resistance gear plus things like your sneakers, workout clothes, towel, water bottle, etc. Put your other daily odds and ends in the outside zipper pocket to save from digging through your bag. Inside is another zipper pocket to store things more important like your wallet, phone, keys, etc.

Since you are using the resistance bands from the Gym Box, each band is independently anchored, so again, eliminating standing on bulky bands and looping bands through anchors. Using the four attachment points on the shoe straps gives you tons of exercises with complete comfort. You are provided with two d-ring door anchors so you will have one for each hand. This gives a straight, smooth push and pull motion. Having two anchors also allows you to change the anchor locations giving you more exercises and more angles of resistance.

I understand that adapting new fitness habits is difficult and often times fails. My goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle. I strongly believe that with the Gym Box, you will be enthused to work out and get in the best shape of your life.

The way Kickstarter works is pretty simple. It’s all or nothing. If you decide to back the Gym Box, you will be among the first to receive a Gym Box, ONLY if the goal is met. If the goal is NOT met, you will NOT be charged the amount you selected (charged $0.00), and of course NOT receive a Gym Box. This ensures there will be sufficient funds to carry out what was promised to all the backers. So if you think the Gym Box is awesome, please help spread the word and let’s bring the Gym Box to life. Thank you so much for checking out the Gym Box and all your support!

The prototype is made, so the hard part is done. Now it’s time to mass produce. I will be purchasing high quality, high production molds for manufacturing the Gym Box. I will be dealing with the top manufacturers for the resistance bands, handles, shoe straps, travel gym bag, door anchors, and the workout book. The remaining funds will be used for fulfillment and shipment of the Gym Box to every backer.

IMPORTANT:  If you added the small travel set to your Gym Box package, it will be shipped along with ALL the resistance gear that comes with the Gym Box in OCTOBER 2020. That way you will have the complete small travel set and can start getting full body workouts at home as soon as the campaign is over. The Gym Box will be delivered as explained below…


September 2020 – Kickstarter Launch

October 2020 – Kickstarter Campaign Completed 

November 2020 -Creating Molds & Tooling Completed

November 2020  – Start Production 

December/January 2021 – Production Complete, Ensure Quality Control 

January 2021 – Arrange Fulfilment 

January/February 2021 – Ship to Backers